Kanye West is Over Party: Twitter Users Celebrate Rapper's Alleged Demise

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How is this for ironic?

Just a few weeks after Twitter hosted a Taylor Swift is Over Party, users have now gathered to celebrate the supposed demise of Swift's chief rival.

Sorry, Kanye West.

But you've insulted your fans one too many times, culminating in the cancelation of your Saint Pablo Tour because you're just too gosh darn tired.

In response to this development, the #KanyeIsOverParty has congregated on Twitter. Here are a few examples of what its attendees have said...

1. He Dissed the Queen in Public!

He Dissed the Queen in Public!
Imagine what he has to say about her in private!

2. Who Ended Kanye?

Who Ended Kanye?
Taylor knows. And loves it!

3. Comparisons to Trump

Comparisons to Trump
Kanye did say he would have voted for Trump, if he had voted at all, so we guess he doesn't mind this.

4. I'm Late

I'm Late
But I'm here now!

5. Can You Bend Over, Kanye?

Can You Bend Over, Kanye?
Give us a little easier of a target?

6. Why This is Trending

Why This is Trending
For those in need of a refresher.

7. A Counter Opinion

A Counter Opinion
Thanks for chiming in, Ricky Vaughn 2.0.

8. Sequins Required!

Sequins Required!
One must have a blast at this gathering!

9. Welcome!

I've been waiting for all of you!

10. Get in Formation

Get in Formation
Let's make this official!

11. Kanye in 2020?

Kanye in 2020?
Good luck with that, dude.

12. How Quickly Things Change

How Quickly Things Change
And not always for the better.

13. So... Beyonce in 2020?

So... Beyonce in 2020?
That's basically what this Tweet is implying, right?

14. Words to Live By

Words to Live By
For all of us, really.

15. NeNe is So Over It

NeNe is So Over It
She is so joining this party.

16. I'm So Proud of You

I'm So Proud of You
You've come so far and been so brave.

17. OUCH!

Why drag Kim into this?!?

18. Karma is Real

Karma is Real
We should have listened to Taylor all along.

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