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Earlier this week, we learned that Counting On star Jill Duggar is pregnant with her second child after months of speculation.

The news wasn’t terribly surprising, as Duggar women are instructed from a young age that they’re put on Earth to procreate.

So perhaps it’s also not surprising that many believe Jill is making up for lost time by carrying two young’uns at once.

Jill Duggar and Mr. Derick Dillard

Yes, twin rumors seem to come standard with every Duggar pregnancy, but in Jill’s case, there’s reason to believe the hype.

Why do fans believe she might actually be Counting On (see what we did there) two new additions to her family next year?

Fans have pointed to an excerpt from the latest entry on Duggar family’s official blog as evidence that Jill is expecting twins.

Her parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar wrote: "We were excited to congratulate Jill & Derick in person on their exciting news."

"We even talked about what it would be like to go from 1 to 3 kids all at once," the couple wrote, just "like we did!” 

Hmm …

Jill, Derick Dillard Kiss

Now, obviously Jill’s parents didn’t come right out and say she has twins on the way. They could’ve simply said what they said.

But many think the allusion to their own experiences as young parents was the elder Duggars’ way of dropping a subtle hint.

We’d say these people are reading too much into Michelle and Jim Bob’s statement, and that’s very possibly the case here.

Maybe not, though. Check out what the expectant Jill personally has to say about the possibility of twins in the video below.

She addresses questions of the future #BabyDilly’s gender and just how many babies are on the way at the 0:55 mark:

"You never know," Jill says when asked about twins.

She goes on to dodge specifics, turning the topic to her parents, who – as she points out – "never had two" and "went from one to three."

Indeed, after brining demon hell-spawn Josh Duggar into existence, Michelle gave birth to twins John-David and Jana Duggar.

Interestingly, those twins are single, despite the courtships and/or marriages of Jill, Jessa, Jinger and most recently Joy-Anna.

Michelle went on to prove her commitment to overpopulation by coming up with "J" names for every single child of hers so far.

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar Throwback

For unknown reasons, the Duggars thought outside the box with "Jinger" and "Joy-Anna," when "Jane," "Julia" and "Jezebel" were all still available.

We assume there’s an esoteric Bible passage in which a promiscuous woman named Jane is cursed with a lifetime of plainness.

Anyway, where were we?

Oh, yeah – Jill Duggar is probably not expecting twins, but the Duggars will drop frequent hints to the contrary for the next nine months.

That was pretty much the case with Jessa Duggar expecting twins … which she wasn’t, it turned out, but made for great gossip.

You can follow the link to watch Counting On online to have the unnaturally large family toy with your mind on a regular basis.