Jessa Duggar FINALLY Addresses Rumors She's Expecting Twins!

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If you watched last week's episode of Counting On, then you already know that the show is finally beginning to catch up with the tabloid coverage of the Duggars.

We can't blame producers for taking their time.

After all, they're trying to build an entire season around two big events: Jinger Duggar's engagement, and the announcement of Jessa Duggar's second pregnancy.

Jessa Seewald Baby Bump (31 Weeks)

It's tough to build an entire season of television around two things that took place months ago, and as a result, these developments have been dragged out over the course of multiple episodes like an anti-climactic death on The Walking Dead.

But despite the painstaking amount of detail that's gone into exploring these two circumstances, fans have still been left with some questions.

It seems the confusion stems from the fact that Jessa and Ben Seewald announced the pregnancy with a photo in which Jessa holds a sign reading, "Doubling the love."

The "doubling" part left many viewers with the impression that Jessa and Ben are expecting twins.

Jessa with Ben Seewald

So if you'll bare with us for a moment, here's a quick math lesson to help clear things up *cracks knuckles, waits for students' groans to subside*:

1 times 2 is 2, so the Seewalds are, in fact, doubling the love, assuming that in this case their love is X, and X is proportionate to the number of children they have.

Increasing that number from 1 to 3 could never be described as doubling it.

Now, since all three Seewalds are in the photo, we can understand if people thought Jessa was having triplets, and thus, doubling the size of her family, with X here meaning the sum total of love that all family members feel for one another.

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Photo: 22 Weeks!

Got it?

Okay, maybe we should just have Jessa explain:

“People have asked me that. ‘You’re having twins!'” Jessa says in a clip from tonight's "after show."

“That’s not what it means. It means doubling — like, we already have one, and now it’s two.”

Jessa Duggar Pregnant Pic

Yes, Counting On now has an "after show."

Hey, that's another thing it has in common with The Walking Dead!

But if you were worried that the reunion-ish vibe of the after show means that the season is over, fear not!

TLC says it has "more footage" yet to come.

We're sure they saved the most enthralling stuff for the post-season clip show.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for tonight's thrilling finale.

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