Abby Lee Miller SLAMS Cast & Crew of Dance Moms: Y'all Are Fake!

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Abby Lee Miller has a knack for telling it like it is and that's exactly what she did when she witnessed the events that played out on the most recent episode of Dance Moms. 

As you probably know if you watch Dance Moms online, Abby gave Daviana a shocking ultimatum that seemed pretty cruel.

Basically, if Daviana was beaten by Kalani in a competition, she would be cut

Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms Looking Intense Photo

Yeah, everyone has their bad days and Daviana actually floundered in the competition, coming in sixth place.

Abby stuck to her guns and the teen lost her spot with the ALDC. 

It was pretty brutal, but is this all a ploy from the producers? According to Abby, it was.

Love this kid and love this mom,” Miller began the tirade.

“Just another example of producers destroying the show! I fought as hard as I could to keep her, how much fight does one person have in them?”

“I spent the first 3 years of #Dancemoms fighting so that @maddieziegler would get the solos instead of the ones who couldn’t pick up or couldn’t remember,” she fired.

Kind of The Worst

“This young lady was/is definitely the right fit for the current team!”

This season has definitely been more different than the others.

Abby has been practically throwing the pink slips since the show returned. 

With ratings slipping, it's probably constructed by the producers to get people talking about the show again. 

Recently, all the talk has seemed to stem from Abby being sentenced for fraud.

Abby Lee Miller is the Worst

There is word that the series is coming to a close after the current run. 

This was further fueled by Abby saying goodbye to the show on Instagram just a few weeks ago.

Now, that could have been Abby saying her own goodbye, but there's a good chance someone could step in for Abby while she's in the slammer. 

We have no idea what will become of the show yet. 

Down with Abby Lee Miller!

What do you think about all of this?

Have you noticed the blatant input from producers this year?

Sound off below!

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