Farrah Abraham Lets Her Kid Wear SO MUCH Makeup, Gets Trashed for It

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Farrah Abraham is a terrible human being. That's not even a little bit shocking.

But do you know what is shocking?

The way Farrah insists on showing off her awfulness at every available opportunity.

Farrah Abraham in a White Dress Photo

It seems like the girl can't even open her mouth without some form of hate or ignorance falling out of it -- and if something is able to climb out of the dark pit of silicone and shame that is Farrah's mouth, then you know it must be serious.

She'd dumb and gross, that's what we're saying.

She proved it earlier this week when she shared a seemingly innocent photo of some Elves on Shelves that turned out to be a little bit racist.

And she's proving it again today with this sincerely insane photo of her poor seven-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Brace yourself, because this is pretty overwhelming:

Farrah Abraham and Sophia in Makeup


Yeah, so that's a little girl in foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and some seriously bold lipstick.

And she's not at home playing with her mother's makeup, she's posing for promotional photos at her very own clothing boutique.

Do you see something wrong with this picture?

Though really, it would probably be easier to ask you if you see anything right with this.

It doesn't matter, it's a trick question anyway: Farrah is horrible, her parenting is horrible, everything is horrible.

Sophia Abraham in Heavy Makeup

And, lucky for the future of humanity, everyone seems to be in agreement on this.

When she posted the photo on Instagram, she got a few hundred comments. on Sophia's makeup alone.

A few people thought she looked cute with all the makeup, a few made some unnecessarily hateful and cruel comments about this kid's appearance, but most tried to offer some constructive criticism.

"That lipstick color is a little grown for a 7 year old," one kind soul advised, just in case Farrah wasn't aware.

"Let your daughter be a child and wipe that sh-t off her mouth before she turns into you!" another said.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Picture

"Omg your child looks older than you!!" one comment read. "What's wrong with you as a mother???? I'm sure if her father was alive, she would not wear that RED LIPSTICK!!! SMH!!!!!"

Another commenter wondered "Why does she have that awful color lipstick on at her age? My 13 year old isn't even allowed to wear anything but gloss. Stop sexualizing her, you'll regret it."

Yeah, we doubt there will ever come a day that Farrah regrets anything.

But it sure is nice to think about, right?

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