Blac Chyna: Mocking Rob Kardashian's Weight?!

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It's only been a month since Blac Chyna welcomed her first child into the world, but the soon-to-be-Kardashian wasted no time jumping right back into her rigorous fitness routine.

In fact, just a week after Dream Kardashian was born, Blac was showing off her post-baby body on social media.

Somewhat strangely, Rob Kardashian vowed to lose weight after Blac gave birth, but it seems he's had some trouble following through on that promise.

Blac Chyna with Rob

Fortunately, he has a health and wellness-minded partner to help keep him motivated.

Unfortunately, Blac is reportedly using some downright cruel methods to inspire her baby daddy to shed the extra pounds.

"Blac Chyna has been making fun of Rob non-stop about being so fat, and it is really starting to get to him," a source close to the couple tells Radar Online.

The insider adds:

"Instead of pushing him like she used to do, she is just straight-up making fun of him. She is not cooking for him every day like she used to." 

"Blac Chyna has just become lazy since she gave birth."

Blac Chyna Weight Loss Picture

Whoa, hold on there, source.

It's not really Blac's job to cook for an able-bodied grown-ass man, especially since, ya know - she has two actual children to take care of.

That said, if Blac is really making fun of Rob for his weight, then this relationship is even more unhealthy than we thought (and we already thought it was pretty damn unhealthy).

"Rob is having a really hard time right now and he is super stressed out about everything that is going on," the source told Radar.

"Chyna is definitely not making it any easier on him."

Rob and Chyna Photograph

If you watch Rob and Chyna online, then you're well aware that these two are not right for each other.

But there was a time when we figured they were two decent (albeit troubled) people who simply made the mistake of rushing into a relationship with the wrong partner.

However, the more we hear stories like this, the more we're inclined to say Rob and Blac should both probably be single for a while and spend some time figuring themselves out.

We'd also say they shouldn't have brought a kid into this situation, but it's a little late to do anything about that.

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