Rob Kardashian Makes Baffling Weight Loss Vow: I WILL Lose These Pregnancy Pounds!

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Shortly after he started dating Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian lost a lot of weight.

After years of reclusive, erratic and generally unhealthy behavior, many took the slimming-down as an indication that Blac was having a positive impact on Rob.

Unfortunately, as anyone who's ever dieted knows, losing weight is one thing and keeping it off is quite another.

Rob and Chyna Photograph

In recent months, Rob has packed on the pounds again.

Fortunately, he has an excuse.

Unfortunately, it makes no damn sense whatsoever.

On Instagram yesterday, Rob shared side-by-side photos of himself and Chyna:

Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Image

He captioned the pics:

“Oh yeah we snapping back lol,,, baby will be here in 4 weeks and I’m done with carrying this pregnancy weight.

“Me and my baby gonna be righttttttt,,, MOTIVATION TIME!! We almost there Chy FAAAAACK Chy looks so bomb here aghhhh.”

Uh ... is Rob really blaming Blac's pregnancy for the fact that he gained weight?

Rob and Chyna Photo

Someone really needs to sit this guy down and explain the basics of human biology.

We understand he might have been saying that he packed on some "sympathy" pounds, which is an excuse commonly used by men who use their wives' or girlfriends' pregnancies as excuses to put cheese on everything.

But it's hardly the same thing, and Rob equating his own need to lose weight with Chyna's is evidence that despite all his sympathy eating, he hasn't learned a whole lot about empathy.

It's also evidence that the dude has no idea what's in store for him.

Rob Kardashian Baby Pic

Rob is about to become a father, and apparently he thinks the coming months will be the ideal time to re-focus on his health.

Granted, Rob will almost certainly be enjoying the luxury of an army of nannies, but even so, what is it that makes him think it'll be easier to lose weight in four weeks than it would be right now?

If you want to hear a hearty, bitter laugh, go find yourself a new parent and say, "Hey, with all the time you have on your hands these days, now would be the perfect time to start dieting!"

Of course, if Rob goes through with plans to name his daughter Kym, he may actually find himself in an ideal position to lose weight.

But only because he'll be in a coma due to the fact that the original Kim has beaten him half to death,

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