Michelle Obama: West Virginia Woman FIRED For Calling FLOTUS an "Ape in Heels"

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The past week hasn't been the greatest for those dreaming of unity, civility, or even just a safe place to live their lives without harassment from bigots and hate groups.

In the days since Donald Trump was elected president, race-based hate crimes  - many apparently inspired by the election - have been reported from coast to coast.

Most of the racist rhetoric and actions have been perpetrated by individuals acting alone, who (to be fair) do not represent any large segment of Trump's support base.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor

However, there have been cases of those in power using Trump's election as an opportunity to "remove the hood," so to speak, and come forward as the worst kind of bigots.

The woman in the photo above is Pamela Ramsey Taylor of Clay, West Virginia.

On Election night, Taylor posted the following repugnant status update about First Lady Michelle Obama:

"It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady in the White House," the post read, according to local news station WSAZ 3.

"I'm tired of seeing an ape in heels."

Michelle Obama at the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner

Her town's mayor, Beverly Whaling, echoed the sentiment in a rely to the update, which read:

"Just made my day, Pam."

The thread was deleted shortly thereafter, but not before immeasurable damage was done to both women's reputations.

A signature to remove the women from their respective posts has received over 140,000 signatures, and today, it's being reported that Ramsey has indeed been fired.

She has told local press that she plans to file a lawsuit against those who have "slandered" her in the media by ... reporting what she said on Facebook?

Michelle Obama Vogue Cover 2013

Whaling has thus far refused to step down from her post, and may soon be subject to a recall vote.

Whaley is a Democrat (ed. note: ?!?!?!) and her party officials in her state have issued the following apology:

"These radical, hateful and racist ideals are exactly what we at the West Virginia Democratic Party will continue to fight against.

"We will continue to fight for a West Virginia that is inclusive, not divisive, and a home for all to feel safe, welcome and protected."

Trump has yet to comment on the matter

The President-elect has asked his supporters to stop committing hate crimes in his name during a recent interview on 60 Minutes, but many feel that the fact that Trump complained about peaceful protests before condemning his followers' racist crimes is unconscionable.

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