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There are few mysteries in life as confounding as this one:

Why does CVS issue ridiculously long receipts for every single purchase? Especially after claiming back in 2013 that it would stop doing so?

We now have an answer:

It has all been a build-up so that a man named Jeremy Schneider could dress as a 12-foot long CVS receipt for Halloween and win the holiday forever.

Man Dresses as CVS Receipt, Goes Into CVS

As you can see in the video above, however, Jeremy does more than merely dress up as a CVS receipt.

He enters an actual CVS location and gets handed an actual receipt by an employee there.

An employee who can’t help but crack up over what she sees in front of her, of course.

And, yes, the receipt is as hilariously and pointlessly long as always.

Here is a photo of Schneider earning the 2016 Halloween Champion crown. A job very well done by him, we must say.

CVS Receipt Costume

The previous contender for this honor was a 10-year old boy who went to school late last week dressed as Donald Trump’s hair.

Yes, just his hair. Complete with a giant Make America Great Again baseball cap on top of this amazing creation:

Donald Trump's Hair

On the flip side, the person who came in last place for Best Halloween Costume of 2016 also came in first place for Most Disgraceful and Racist Halloween Costume of 2016.

Congratulations? We guess?

We refer, of course, to the person who attended a University of Wisconsin football game dressed as Donald Trump, carrying a noose that he placed around the neck of a friend in a Barack Obama mask.

We’re not kidding.

This really happened:

Wisconsin Football Fan

Thank goodness there are enough celebrities out there who donned enough fun and zany costumes this year to distract us from such political nonsense.

Check out the best celebrity Halloween costumes from this year below: