CVS to Shorten Hilariously Long Receipts

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CVS hears your hilarious complaints, Internet.

The chain has responded to numerous photos online of consumers with unusually lengthy ExtraCare receipts, with one holding up a 38-inch long strip of paper ... after purchasing a pack of gum.

"As part of our commitment to find ways to provide you with even more value, we’ve gone LONG on savings," CVS wrote late last week on Facebook.

"And, as you’ve noticed, our receipts have gotten lengthier too."

"So, we’ve found a way to reduce the size of the ExtraCare portion of your receipts by 25% while still providing you all the coupons and rewards.

"The smaller, value-packed receipts will start printing in the coming weeks."

See, this is how you use the Internet, people! It is far healthier and more productive than slamming Liam Payne's girlfriend.

CVS, meanwhile, has faced issues over its receipts in the past. A woman sued in April for emotional damage suffered when a racist slur was printed on her slip.

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