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Our apologies, Heidi Klum.

But you no longer own Halloween.

Yes, sure, you may dress like an old lady sometimes and like the insides of the human body at other times, but 10-year old Gage DeVader went out this year for the holiday as Donald Trump.

Sorry, not Donald Trump. That costume idea would not be remotely original in 2016.

He went out as Donald Trump’s HAIR.

Donald Trump's Hair

The costume was designed by the boy’s mother, Jessica DeVader, and it has become the talk of the Internet.

DeVader, who hails from Kansas, told BuzzFeed that she glued fake grass table skirts in sections around an umbrella to achieve the perfect comb-over look.

It really is amazing.

Here’s a snapshot from the back:

Donald Trump Hair Costume

The enormous Make America Great Again baseball cap? Which is the icing on this creative sundae? It was constructed out of three sheets of poster board.

And if you study these photos closely enough, you’ll see another wrinkle Jessica threw in to honor Trump. Although honor may be the wrong word choice here…

"Gage’s shirt pays homage to Trump’s orange face!” DeVader says.

Donald Trump's Hair and Friends

This isn’t the first Halloween that Gage has gone all out for Halloween, either.

“I would say our fun with Halloween began from the start,” DeVader told Buzzfeed. “I just wanted my son to learn to embrace his uniqueness and individuality.

"Every year we come up with a ridiculous idea and he just goes for it!”

Like that time he went as a Sharknado:

And that time he went as Zoltar, the fortune telling amusement park game from the movie Big:


“He’s such a fun kid with a great personality. I want to inspire him to think outside the box,” DeVader says.

We love it.

And we really needed it, especially in light of how some other folks have dressed as Trump this year.

Check out Gage’s awesome costumes above and check out some fun celebrity ideas from this year below: