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There are a few things that we know for certain about Kim Kardashian.

Well, OK, let’s be real, there are at least a few hundred things we know for certain about Kim Kardashian, but let’s just keep it simple.

Kim Kardashian White Backless Dress BET Awards 2012
Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty Images For BET

One, she thrives on attention.

Two, nearly every single person in existence who has access to watch or read or listen to anything about Kim Kardashian will do so, if only to comment on how much they hate her.

Three, every member of her immediate family has built entire careers on being related to her and receiving their own attention for it.

With those things in mind, it’s easy to understand how, ever since Kim’s robbery, things have been out of whack, to say the least.

See, Kim’s been keeping to herself, what with being severely traumatized and all, so she hasn’t been getting that much direct attention.

Kim Kardashian at Fashion Week

People haven’t been able to get updates from her app or her social media accounts, there aren’t any new interviews of her and just a handful of new photos, so they’re starting to lose interest since there’s just not any new material out there to get interested in.

Her robbery case is interesting for sure, but how long has it been since she’s shared a new nude selfie? You get the picture.

And so since Kim’s been laying low, and since there’s less interest in her because of it, there’s just less interest for the Kardashian family in general.

And that simply will not stand.

As a source explains to Radar, "It wasn’t clear to the rest of Kim’s sisters how much of an impact Kim really has until she was gone."

"Their personal apps are plummeting and paparazzi on the entire family is half of what it was prior to Kim’s robbery."

North West at Kanye West's Madison Square Garden Fashion Show
Photo via Instagram/Kim Kardashian


"Everyone in the family has been aware of the fact that if Kim did not return," the source continues, "their show would be done after this season."

"So Kris had no other choice than to offer Kim a deal that she could not refuse."

According to the source, Kris offered Kim a $20 million bonus just to come back to the show, and she’s also allowing Kim to have more control over the production.

"In addition," the source adds, "Kim insisted that she get her own camera crew instead of sharing one with her other family members, as well as her own team of personal security to make sure that she is safe."

The source adorably wrapped things up by stating that "Kim knows her value now more than ever and she loves her fans."

Kim Kardashian Sends Peace and Love
Photo via Instagram

This all makes sense, kind of, if you accept the fact that we’ve created a society in which the Kardashians can survive and thrive.

If anyone is getting a $20 million bonus, it probably should be Kim, since she’s the reason they even have the show in the first place.

And she should definitely have better security, as the robbery proved.

But damn, it’s hard to get over how ridiculous this entire family is all the time. About everything. Ever.

Twenty million dollars. Honestly.