Keeping Up with the Kardashians Finale Recap: No Good Deeds Go Unpunished

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On Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12 Episode 21, Rob and Blac Chyna's compatibility, or lack thereof, became a major focal point.

A baby shower for the unstable duo and soon-to-be parents instead became the scene of a beef that threatened their romance forever.

If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you know these two are not what you'd call the most grounded, secure individuals.

So when Khloe and Kourtney decided to do something nice for Rob's pregnant bae, you know it would somehow backfire in epic fashion.

(We can't believe we just wrote the word bae. Kill us now.)

Since they were going to be missing her baby shower, they took her out to spoil her privately. Very sweet, and a rare moment of calm.

Rob revealed that he and Blac aren't even living together.

Obviously, Lord Disick dragged Rob to a daycare center and put him in charge of the kids for a few hours (because that is a thing that happens).

"You're a good-hearted person, and you’re going to be a good dad," Scott told Rob after seeing him wrangle other people's kids for a bit.

Truly, nothing is indicative of one's preparedness or ability to get it together for Dream than renting out a fake daycare center for reality TV.

Meanwhile, Khloe expressed frustration with Kris Jenner for not being responsive enough to business messages, but soon felt moot.

In the next scene, Kris was involved in a car accident.

She was rattled, but alright, and as the matriarch rested, Kim took over some of her managerial tasks for Kylie's upcoming trip to Australia.

Deciding that she could easily do her mom's job, Kim decided to help Khloe by becoming her acting manager, so to speak, for the week.

Not only that, she became all her sisters’ managers ... but that turned out to be easier said than done after she was completely overwhelmed.

Making matters worse, Kim missed a meeting of Khloe's, leading her younger sibling to go off on her by “acting just like” their mother.

Basically, they concluded that Kris' job is actually tough.

Back to the subject of Rob and Chyna’s baby shower ... Rob didn't want to come, which sent his sisters into an all-out state of panic.

That led Chyna to suggest that they just have the party in Rob’s honor without her there to reduce drama, which was a little bit bizarre.

Then as everyone gathered to celebrate Rob, he called and told his family that he wasn’t coming if Chyna wasn’t invited to the soiree.

Communication? Not the forte of this twosome.

The show didn't tell us what happened next, but reports say both Rob and Chyna opted out of the Sept. 22 shower his family planned.

Apparently upset that the event would be filmed without telling him, Rob tweeted Kylie’s phone number to his followers in retaliation.

Totally mature move from the future father-to-be there.

Keeping Up, however, didn't show this; Rob called Kris to apologize for the whole fiasco a few days later to make up with the Kardashians.

Soon enough, all was right with the world again.

Well, not really. Blac and Rob are still a mess.

However, little Dream Kardashian has entered the world, and both her parents are on cloud nine and vowing to do the best they can.

When you're talking about a romantic relationship this volatile and two people this poor at working out their issues together or separately?

Maybe that's as good as we can expect.

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