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Jana Duggar is no stranger to speculation regarding her personal life, but Counting On fans may be taking it a bit too far with this latest rumor.

Or a lot too far, to be honest.

Jana Duggar For Counting On
Photo via TLC

As the first girl of Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 Kids & Counting, and a talented, sweet and beautiful one like that, her dating life is a hot topic.

Dating life, or lack thereof.

Michelle and Jim Bob have often leaned on her the most when it comes to helping with her (many( brothers and sisters as they arrive.

You don’t have to watch Counting On online to know that the 19 children span nearly three decades and require insane levels of effort.

But despite that chaos, and some might say burden, Jana has always stayed level-headed and happy, by and large – at least publicly.

Lately, with Jinger Duggar getting married and Joy-Anna Duggar courting Austin Forsyth, Jana rumors have been running wild, however …

Counting On Season 3 Trailer: Pregnancies! Weddings! COURTING!

Jana’s quest for love is the subject of all the chatter following Joy’s announcement and the release of the Counting On Season 3 trailer.

Not even two months shy of 27, she has yet to enter a courtship, while Jill, Jessa and Jinger are all married and Joy, 19, is now courting.

There have been rumors Jim Bob and Michelle hkeep Jana prisoner, essentially, to raise her siblings and since JBD calls the shots?

We’d semi-believe that, sadly.

Now there’s even more outlandish speculation, however – that perhaps the reason she’s never courted is that she may be a lesbian.

Again, these are only rumors with no real evidence to support such an idea, but you can see why such talk would upset Jana’s family.

Jana, Michelle and Jill
Photo via Instagram

Rumors that she may be a lesbian are troubling, and not just because that would go against what her very conservative family believes.

Implying Jana is a lesbian is somehow a bad thing, or the only explanation for a 26-year-old girl being single, are both ridiculous notions.

There has even been talk that Jana was interested in a few men in her life, but decided that at the end of the day, they weren’t worthy.

So she has high standards and that’s why she’s single?

Also, Jana may not be willing to date right now because she’s busy focusing on her business, having just purchased a building in town.

It’s not clear what she intends to do with said building, but whatever it is, perhaps just leading her own life is taking priority over courting.

Here’s Jana in her own words earlier this year …

One can assume that when the time is right, our girl will find someone to spend the rest of her life with, and that we shouldn’t worry.

Nor should we speculate about her sexual orientation, or anyone’s, whatever it may be, just because they aren’t currently in a relationship.

To do that certainly isn’t fair – either to Jana, or anyone who might have different priorities in life that don’t involve rushing to the altar.

Look. If Jana were a lesbian, we’d celebrate that.

We would hope that her family would too, given that she appears to be about the sweetest, most wonderful human being ever created.

That’s what matters at the end of the day, right?

All of that being said … come on, people! Worrying about Jim Bob and Michelle burdening "Cinderella" with chores is one thing, but this?!

Nothing is sacred apparently.