Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 32 Recap: Two Teams, Two Studios Part 2

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Was Abby Lee Miller be able to reel the Elites back in after a whole season of treating them like crap?

That was her plan on Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 32, when she realized that time was running out to save her dance studio. 

Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms Season 6 Finale

If you watch Dance Moms online, you probably know that Abby is never one to admit defeat and would rather trash her peers some more, before muttering an apology under her breath. 

That's just what she's like and there's no sugar coating it. 

We picked up with the Elite moms letting Abby know their kids would be competing in the competition, but not under her leadership. 

Abby was taken aback. She obviously thought there was no way this day would ever come, so she told the moms to get everyone to make a list of why they hate her. 

Abby Lee Miller is the Worst

Holly was very adamant that no one would be making any lists and was quick to point out that Abby was just trying to degrade them some more. Jill even blamed Abby for screwing the kids over at the last competition. 

The moms did have a point. Abby practically pushed the Elites to the side in favor of the Minis. It was bad. She should have been giving both teams enough attention to ensure they were all good. 

Jill then decided to give the girls a pep talk. Basically, all she wanted to do was let the girls know they needed to prove to Abby that they didn't need her to get further. 

The plan for the Elites to prove Abby wrong started going awry when Kendall pulled a muscle in her neck, making her neck movement restricted. 

The Horror

Ashlee seemed to think she was trying too hard to prove a point and that's why she's in this situation. 

Kerri then burst in wailing about the other Mini moms not standing up for her against Abby. The other team then allowed Peyton to perform with the minis. 

Kerry wanted to rub it in Abby's face, but Abby wished her good luck and moved swiftly on.

Kerri then focused on trashing the other mini mothers, saying they just follow Abby's every command and it's tiring. 

Abby Lee

When the Elites performed their solos, Abby said they never performed anything great. Yikes, will she ever shut up?

She did shut her mouth when Jill asked her what she thought of them. 

The Elite mothers gave their girls some last minute notes and trashed Abby some more. 

The Minis performed very well and Abby was visibly pleased by it. 

Abby Celebrates

When the Elites came in third place, Abby clapped, causing another huge argument. The moms were telling her she was terrible and stuff, but Abby was brutally honest with them. 

In the end, the Elites said they were done with the ALDC, but who might replace them for Season 7?

It's definitely been a whirlwind season of drama, but what will become of the show?

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