Carrie Fisher Defends Harrison Ford Affair Admission: Who Cares at This Point?!?

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When it comes to her confession that she once happily and sweatily took it from Harrison Ford, veteran actress Carrie Fisher has one thing to say to her critics:


The actress forever best known for her role in Star Wars as Princess Leia admits in her new memoir, The Princess Diarist, that she and Ford carried on an affair while shooting the original film in this franchise.

Nay... they carried on an "intense" affair, according to Fisher.

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And while we can understand why anyone would brag about sex with Harrison Ford, Fisher has come under some fire for these comments for two main reasons:

1. Ford was a married father of two at the time.

2. She clearly included the raunchy tidbit in order to sell copies of her book.

What does Fisher have to say in response to these critiques?

“It’s been 40 years!” the 60-year old star tells People Magazine of writing about her whirlwind romance with Ford in her memoir, which goes on sale on November 22.

Adds Fisher:

“I didn’t say anything to anybody for years, but it’s not like anyone’s deeply affected by it anymore.”

Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford

No, that's true.

And Fisher did send Ford an advanced copy of her book. She gave him a heads-up that their dalliance would be included in the tome.

“I would never want to embarrass him,” says Fisher, who was 19 when the two got together; Ford was 33.

“I was so inexperienced, but I trusted something about him. He was kind."

Ford has not commented on Fisher's admission, nor do we expect him to.

The long-time stud is spotlight-adverse. He's married now to Calista Flockhart and has been since 2010.

But the two wed on the down low and never talk about their relationship in public or with the press.

“Harrison’s very private, but I think I waited an appropriate amount of time,” Fisher says. “How much longer could I wait?””

The Princess Diarist

One could response, of course, that Fisher could simply have kept the secret, you know... secret.

Instead, she spilled some pretty intimate details of her times with Ford back in 1976.

“It was so intense,” Fisher says of the affair. “It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend."

In the memoir, Fisher explains that her then-co-star got her wasted one night and then seduced her in a hotel after driving her home.

In one portion of the memoir, Ford says she tried “relentlessly” to make Ford love her and fall for her for real.

She even came up with fantasies of the actor proposing to her with a “gold band with diamonds (inscribed) ‘Carrison.'" Yes, she came up with her own couples nickname for the pair.

Alas, no relationship of any kind materialized. It was an affair. It was really just based on sexual intercourse.

Fisher also writes in her book that she has some trouble remembering aspects of her fling with Ford due to the “strength of Harrison’s preferred strain of pot.”

We can't say it's shocking that Ford smoked up or that he and Fisher had an affair.

But we can say that we'll never be able to watch Star Wars the same way ever again.

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