Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox: Check Out Our Kids!

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It is not breaking news to say that Megan Fox is very attractive.

This point has been proven in one Megan Fox photo after another. 

But it would be breaking news to say that Megan Fox has very attractive children, only because we've practically never seen any of them.

To the credit of Fox and Green, they've kept their three sons far out of the spotlight over the years, ever since the actress gave birth four years ago to Noah.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Together

For whatever reason, however, Green has chosen to share four new photos of his three kids on his Instagram account this week.

First, Green gave followers an adorable look at two-year old Noah in a red wig, writing as a simple caption:

"Bodhi as a red head."

Noah Green

Secondly, we see Bodhi with a smoothie in hand, as the toddler is sitting outside on a bench with his older brother Noah.

"I miss being young," the actor admitted in this picture's caption.

Green Kids

In the third image, the couple's firstborn child is just sitting and chilling. He seems to be lost in deep thought of some kind.

"Crazy how good looking he is," Green wrote about this one:

Brian Austin Green's Son

Finally, Journey made his first appearance in the fourth photo, peering at the camera in a close-up.

"My wife makes beautiful babies," Green wrote for this caption.

Journey Green

Prior to his sharing spree, the proud father hadn't shared anything on Instagram in about seven months.

Fox, meanwhile, introduced Journey with a caption-free Instagram picture in October. Check it out here:

Megan Fox, Baby

Fox actually filed for divorce from Green, her husband of five years, in August of 2015.

Soon after this news went public, however, the stars reconciled - and, before long, the gorgeous actress appeared at CinemaCon with a very clear baby bump in her midsection.

"Brian and Megan have been working on themselves as individuals and things have gotten better between them as a couple," an insider told E! earlier this year, adding:

"They have been getting along great. They are best friends and know each other very well.

"They admire each other on how they are as parents and are looking forward to bringing their third child into this world."

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