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Tallulah Willis showed off all the goods – just about every last one of them – in a recent photo shoot with mega-talented celeb photographer, Tyler Shields. 

This pic is so intense we’re gonna make you wait for it. 

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About the shoot, Shields said, “I only work with people who want to do something different.”

“Something different” absolutely encapsulates just what Tallulah – the youngest – Willis is. 

He continued, “People, when they come to me, they want to do something interesting, something crazy.”

“Something where they’re pushing themselves.” 

Tyler’s currently promoting his gorgeous book, Provocateur, which you can purchase on Amazon.

The book features major celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Tamara Eccleston, and, of course, Tallulah Willis in her most primal form. 


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Have you recovered yet? It’s okay – it took us a minute or 10, too.

About Tallulah’s photos, Shields said that he harbors only mild concern from the starlet’s father, Die Hard franchise star Bruce Willis. 

“I think if [Bruce] had a problem with [Demi Moore’s former racy shoots], he couldn’t have been married to her and been okay with all of that,” he reasoned. 

“Although,” he said, “It might be a bit different with his daughter, though.” 

What we have to say about Bruce Willis, however, is “too bad, so sad.” 

Tallulah’s a grown-ass woman at the age of 22 years old, and this isn’t the first time she’s shared racy snaps, or even had them taken

She’s entitled to do what she wants with her body, and if this is it, believe us – we are absolutely not complaining. 

About his provocative shots, Shields concluded, “Now, I don’t want to do anything to do anything too crazy, but I want some of these girls coming up to do something just for the fun of it.”

“Just to make a statement,” he said.  

Tallulah definitely did that – and more, judging by the pic.  

Willis has had her history of poor decision-making when it came to drugs, self-sabotage, and other substance abuse, but this decision to pose for Shields definitely does not fall under that umbrella. 

Looking good, girl – and we’re totally digging the hair!