Tallulah Willis: Topless Instagram Selfie Raises Concerns

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When Tallulah Willis opened up about her body dysmorphia issues last month, she was praised for her bravery and her willingness to share painful details of her own past in hopes of helping other young women.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Tallulah had checked in to rehab for cocaine addiction, and it served as a reminder that while in many ways she's wise beyond her years, the youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore still - like most 20-year olds - has some issues to sort out.

Perhaps it's the combination of Tallulah's discussion of her own self-esteem issues along with her very recent release from rehab that's made her latest Instagram post so controversial.

Tallulah Willis Nude Photo

That's a nude selfie that Tallulah posted to her account yesterday. Comments have been mostly favorable, but as is always the case on the Internet, there's a handful of troll-ish haters offering their two cents as well.

Which is why the fans encouraging Tallulah to take the photo down may have a point.

Struggling, as she is, with the issues she's described, Tallulah is likely not in a position to simply shrug off criticism of her body. What a tragedy it would be if she were to relapse because some IG d-bag likes to spew insults when he's bored.

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