Lindsay Lohan and Denis Papageorgiou: Dating!

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It's only been two months since Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarababasov broke up, but it looks like she's already found herself a new dude who also has a name straight out of The Big Book of European Stereotypes.

According to multiple media outlets, Lindsay is dating Denis Papageorgiou, a Greek (duh!) business tycoon who recently partnered with Lindsay to open LOHAN nightclub in Athens.

Yes, there's a LOHAN nightclub in Greece. It opened on Saturday, and so far, it's every bit the trainwreck that its name would suggest:

In case you're at work, or just don't care to have your dreams haunted by the rasp of the legendary succubus, that's Lindsay squawking at her customers to "shut the f--k up!"

If that's night one, we can't wait to see where this thing ends up.

Anyway, Linds insisted from the start that she and co-owner Papageorgiou are nothing more than business partners and "dear friends."

But a photo posted by TMZ proves that even if they're not officially dating, Lindsay and Denis are friends with benefits at the very least.

Lindsay Lohan at a Fashion Show

It doesn't come as much of a surprise that Linds is mixing business with pleasure.

The idea for LOHAN came about shortly after LiLo ended her engagement to to Tarabasov.

Needless to say, when Lindsay was immediately spotted spending time in the presence of a new young, European millionaire, it didn't take long for the rumors to start flying.

Lindsay's claims that she and Denis were keeping it strictly business were met with a fair amount of skepticism.

Lindsay Lohan Selfie Pic

Go figure.

It's almost like she has a long history of lying to the press about every single aspect of her life and career.

Anyway, given Lindsay's romantic history, the fact that she's banging Papageorgiou is pretty much a guarantee that LOHAN nightclub isn't long for this world.

Which is really a shame, as we're Lindsay could really use the income.

Despite some decent reviews for her West End acting debut, Lindsay's stage career never really took off, and for now at least, it looks like that Mean Girls sequel will remain a pipe dream. 

Sources say Lohan has worked out a sweet deal for a share of the club's profits in exchange for doing 3-5 appearances a month.

Which means she's taking a serious risk by getting romantically involved with Papageorgiou.

But hey, at least his name is fun to say.

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