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Usually, Suge Knight is the one being accused of shocking acts of violence and generally gangster-y behavior, but these days the  imprisoned music mogul is claiming that one of the most famous names in hip hop tried to have him rubbed out.

As you may recall, Suge was shot seven times in the abdomen at a BET Awards after-party in 2014.

Despite the presence of 37 security cameras at the 1 Oak nightclub that night, no arrests were made.

Suge Knight: Boss Photo
Photo via Winston Burris/

In a lawsuit filed today, Suge claims the assailant was a hitman hired by Dr. Dre.

Knight is requesting $300 million in damages from Dre, but interestingly, he’s not suing for the attempt on his life.

Rather, he claims he’s owed the money as a result of the massive amount of cash that the rapper and producer made from selling his Beats by Dre headphone line to Apple.

Suge claims to have a lifetime management deal with Dre that entitles him to 30% of his entertainment earnings.

Knight says Apple tried to cut him out of the deal, as the company understandably didn’t want to be associated with a guy who tried to kill Eminem, and probably did kill a whole bunch of other people.

Suge Knight Pointing
Photo via Winston Burris/

According to the allegations in the suit, Dre paid a man named T-Money (of course) to assassinate Suge so that he wouldn’t be around to mess up the Apple deal or try to claim his share.

So why did Suge sit on this information for so long?

Well, it seems he first tried to handle the situation himself, which always ends well.

Suge is currently behind bars awaiting trial for the hit-and-run murder of Cle “Bones” Jones.

Knight ran Jones over on the set of the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton last year.

According to Knight’s suit – and this is where his allegations really get crazy – Jones was hired by Dre  and Universal, the studio that produced Compton, to murder Suge.

Suge decided to do some murderin’ of his own in response, but now claims that he killed Jones accidentally.

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s now two hits that Dre allegedly put out on Suge, both of them involving two of the biggest media corporations in the world.

In addition to Dre, Knight is suing Apple, Universal, and Tam’s Burgers, the Compton restaurant in whose parking lot he ran Bones and another man over.

Hopefully, all of this won’t scare a major studio from one day making a Suge biopic, because this man’s life needs to be a movie.