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Hip hop mogul Suge Knight is currently behind bars awaiting trial for allegedly killing a man in a hit and run incident on the set of the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton back in January of 2015.

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Of course, that was far from the first incident that Suge had been involved with.

You may recall the time he (jokingly?) confessed to murdering Eazy-E with a hypodermic needle full of AIDS-infected blood.

Or the time that Suge dangled Vanilla Ice from a balcony by his feet following a business meeting gone horribly wrong.

Needless to say, it’s not hard to see why state of California has chosen to deny Suge’s bail requests.

Now, that he’s safely locked up (for now) more stories about Suge’s years as history’s most murderous music exec are beginning to emerge.

The latest terrifying accounts come from former Eminem bodyguard known as Big Naz, who claims that Knight tried to murder the iconic rapper on two separate occasions:

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"There was a situation at the Source Awards, which was our first encounter with Suge Knight and his henchmen," Naz recalled in a recent interview.

"This is what they said: ‘Death Row motherf–kers! Suge Knight sent us to strong arm Eminem and it’s going down!’"

Naz also detailed an incident that took place in Hawaii when he and several A-list rappers, including Em, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre were greeted by a small army of LA Bloods who were sent to the island paradise by Suge.

"Vacation mode was over, baby," Naz recalls.

He goes on to say that 15-20 bodyguards began "locking and loading" and outfitting clients and their families with bulletproof vests.

“We were in beast mode the whole time,” Naz says of his time with Em.