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Things haven’t been looking great for the Sister Wives for a while now.

But let’s be real, the Sister Wives are women who got married to that big ol’ douchebag Kody Brown — have things ever looked great for them?

(The answer, if you’re struggling, is a very emphatic “no.”)

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You can trace the Sister Wives’ issues probably all the way back to the time each of them met Kody, but the first big one was when Kody brought Robyn into the family.

It had just been Meri, Janelle, and Christine for several years, so when Kody decided to add a much younger wife into the mix, it was hard on the family.

And then Meri got catfished, which meant that Meri had an emotional affair, which obviously wasn’t great for anyone.

Throw in the reports that Kody’s on the lookout for a couple of new wives, and it sounds like we’ve got a recipe for disaster.

And, according to these new claims, things are only getting worse.

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A Sister Wives insider tells Life & Style that the show “has nothing to say anymore so TLC was talking about replacing it.”

Does that mean the show had something to say in the first place?!

Unless the message was supposed to be “never marry a jackass, and if you do, make sure other women aren’t married to the jackass at the same time,” then we missed it.

The source adds that “with the show in trouble, they’re all feeling desperate right now.”

And you’ll never believe this, but “instead of bonding, the wives are fighting over whose fault it is.”

“They’ve all turned against each other,” the source reveals. “From Robyn coming between Kody and the other wives, to Meri and her whole catfish scandal.”

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The show has been on television for seven seasons, and that’s a pretty solid run — did they expect it to literally go on forever?

The world can’t take much more of Kody’s never-ending midlife crisis, and we shouldn’t be subjected to seeing it for the rest of our lives.

And besides, why would the wives be turning against each other? Are they that unhappy with their situation that they just assume one of their husband’s other wives has sabotaged the family?

What a great big mess of sadness and disappointment.