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We appear to have written too soon a few weeks ago.

Unlike previously reported, Kody Brown is NOT on the lookout for a fifth wife. That would be crazy, right?

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Instead, he’s on the lookout for a fifth wife AND a sixth wife!

If a new tabloid cover story is to be believed for some reason.

According to Life & Style sources (which we can only assume are a pair of bunnies in the office), Brown has actually kicked out Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine.

He appears to be restarting his entire brood, which may not come as a huge shock to those who watch Sister Wives online or on television each week.

That Meri Brown catfishing scandal really does seem to have had a major impact on Kody and his family.

There’s so much drama every Sunday night on TLC with this family, you’d almost think it was scripted by producers or something.

The latest cover story claims that the wives are “disgusted with each other” and can’t “fake it anymore.”

It comes on the heels of the same tabloid claiming that all four better halves walked out on Kody earlier this year:

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And THAT story comes on the heels of Life & Style also writing that Brown was dumped by three of his wives prior to tying the knot for a fourth time last year.

See what we mean here:

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Does Brown have two women in mind to become his new brides?


The magazine previously wrote that Brown has “set his sights” on Mindy Jessop, a cute blonde who works as the nanny of his youngest son Solomon.

She also happens to be the step-niece of Brown’s fourth/most recent spouse Robyn. It’s all very confusing. And sort of gross.

“The problem is when Kody gets tired of you, he’s done," a source has said of Brown’s lifestyle. "He just kind of moves onto the next thing."

That is a problem with Kody, it’s true.

Another problem with Kody is his whole propensity to marry multiple wives thing.

But we’re guessing TLC executives aren’t complaining about that.