Kailyn Lowry: Flaunts BIG Weight Loss in Revealing Pic!

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Kailyn Lowry is losing some serious weight - and we're wondering if she's shaping up because she's on the rebound, or if there's something more nefarious happening behind the scenes. 

Lowry shared an Instagram pic to document her ever-shrinking figure, and all we have to say is that the rest of the Teen Moms are probably salivating over the attention that Lowry's been getting over her body as of late. 

Kailyn Lowry Weight Loss Photo

Kailyn captioned the snap, "When you wake up in the morning and feel like it's gonna be a sh---y day, head straight for the gym." 

Or, in her case, the plastic surgeon, or the folks who make those useless waist trainers, or hell, even those that peddle the detox tea that does nothing but dry your ass out. 

(Not that she's using that stuff, because you see what that thing looks like, all sorts of plumped up with God knows what.) 

This is what Kailyn looked like just a week ago, which leads us to believe that more is going on than meets the eye. 

Kailyn Lowry Weight Loss Picture

Decidedly chunkier, Kailyn flaunted her bright pink waist trainer, but it's apparent by her latest photo that her slimdown is ever evolving. 

In January 2016, Kailyn went under the knife for a Brazilian butt lift, and the results ... well, let's just say that she ended up looking a lot better than she had in recent years. 

However, the surgery led many to think that she's become addicted to plastic surgery, and won't quit until she's totally plastic - kinda like Farrah Abraham, the porno-making Teen Mom. 

Kailyn Lowry Butt Lift Photo

Estranged husband Javi Marroquin quipped that he "knew" plastic surgery would change Kailyn ...

And unless he's talking about the inside - but bear in mind, you have to have a soul in order to have an "inside" - it's pretty obvious that plastic surgery would, in fact, change her. 

Thanks, Captain Obvious. 

About the surgery, Marroquin said, "She was struggling a lot with her body and her weight issues, so she got the surgery." 

"She said it makes her happy," he asserted. 

About her own experience, Lowry said, "I did not get butt implants." 

"Damned if I do, damned if I don't," she blasted on Twitter. 

"I might as well do what I want," Lowry concluded, and what you see is what she's done. 

Kailyn Lowry Butt Lift Photos

She might as well continue to do her, but she's gotta realize ...

People who know plastic surgery when they see it are going to continue calling her out on the internet for it, and if she doesn't want to 'fess up about what's going on behind closed doors ... 

Well, we're just stuck on that "behind" part.  

Forget it. 

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