Tyga COLLAPSES During Questioning About Kylie Jenner Gifts

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Though these days he's best known as Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, Tyga is a rapper whose career could be described as wildly successful by the standards of the 47 million people who describe themselves as rappers...

...and a completed dud by the standards of the few dozen people who are legitimately famous and rap for a living.

At one point, the guy probably made a hell of a living off his music, but those days are decidedly done, and while his relationship may keep him in the tabloid headlines, "professional Kylie boyfriend" doesn't seem to be a particularly well-paying gig.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Attend Boohoo X Jordyn Woods Launch Event

Rumors about Tyga's money problems have been circulating for months, and the latest evidence that the 26-year-old emcee is struggling financially surfaced yesterday in somewhat disturbing fashion.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Tyga participated in a "debtors examination" as part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by celebrity jeweler Jason Arabeshan.

Arabeshan claims that Tyga owes him $280,000 for services rendered.

The rapper has plenty of cash for buying Kylie Jenner flashy cars, but apparently doesn't have enough to settle his debt with Arabeshan.

Tyga in Front of a Crowd

Not surprisingly, the question of how T-Raww is able to finance lavish gifts for his girlfriend but can't get himself out of debt was a major subject of interest during yesterday's inquiry.

However, that line of questioning didn't get very far, as Tyga had to be rushed from the room after experiencing some sort of medical emergency.

“[Tyga] wasn’t well enough to proceed about two hours into the examination,” an attorney for Arabeshan told People magazine.

The lawyer didn't throw any direct shade, but he did imply that Tyga wasn't equipped to answer the the investigators' questions:

Tyga Saks New York Pic

“Considering there are a number of documents we had asked for him to produce that he had not brought with him and the fact that we still have a lot more questions to ask, we have agreed for him to return with the documents on Nov. 1 for the remainder of the examination," he told People.

“He answered questions to the best of his ability – there were some things he couldn’t remember, but we did not feel he was being evasive. After a couple of hours he felt unwell."

Fortunately, insiders say Tyga is feeling better after reportedly losing consciousness in the interrogation.

Maybe we should say he's "physically" feeling better.

Financially, the dude is still ailing.

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