Nancy Grace: Kim Kardashian Robbery Was a Set-Up!

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Nancy Grace, famed legal analyst, is guns-out adamant that Kim's robbery was a set-up.

In fact, she has her own ideas as to what really went down, and they're raising more questions than can be answered. 

Grace complains that the job wasn't necessarily an inside one, but a set-up nonetheless. 

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume

Nancy proclaims, "I definitely believe it was a set-up, but I don't necessarily think the Kardashians set themselves up." 

In an interview with Sirius XM's "Wake Up With Taylor," Grace didn't mince words.

"What I'm saying is a set-up," she continues, "[is] in that they got away on bicycles."

(As if high-powered, plotting thieves would dare to escape in non-motorized transport.)

"And then the story keeps changing about how the doorman let them up," she asserts, calling into question the motives and integrity of building security. 

"Now, the story," she says, "is [that the thieves told the doorman], 'We really need to see Ms. Kardashian, and [the doorman] goes 'Okay!' "

Grace maintains that somebody's lying, and that's why the case will remain unsolved. 

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Grace says, perhaps making the most obvious statement ever made. 

"I mean, everything's just changing and when the story changes - it's been long, long my theory - when a story changes, somebody's lying."

"When a story is embellished upon," she continues, "that's not a problem."

"Because if you ask the right questions, you may get more answers; more information, and it adds on." 

"I can't tell you from this distance [who I think is responsible]," Nancy concedes.

"But I can tell you if the night clerk is giving two different stories - if he actually gave those two stories - that's impossible; that's a lie."

Sounds about right to us.

Kim Kardashian Attends Siran Presentation Hotel Plaza Athenee - Paris Fashion Week

Unfortunately for Kardashian, it doesn't look like this case is going to be solved. 

And while sometimes it's better to just let things go and allow them to sort themselves on their own, things haven't exactly been smooth sailing after the Paris incident.

Husband Kanye West was accused of setting up the robbery in a bid to save his foundering bank accounts, and another rumor claimed that the robbery didn't even happen at all.

Additionally, Kim was a no-show for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians wrap party, prompting people to think that the show will be canceled.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Canceled?

One thing is certain, and it's that nothing is certain.

But when you're dealing with the Kardashians - reality experts extraordinaire - who can really tell the real from the fake anyway?

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