Miss Iceland 2015: Take Your Body-Shaming Pageant and Shove It!

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Arna Yr Jónsdóttir, Miss Iceland 2015, unceremoniously quit an upcoming beauty pageant because the asshats in charge told her that she should lose weight. 

For reference, this is what Arna looks like. 

Arna Yr Jonsdottir Beauty Pageant Photo

LOL. Are you LOLing, too? Because we're LOLing so hard. 

The advice that prompted Jónsdóttir to withdraw from the competition? 

"Stop eating breakfast, eat just salad for lunch, and drink water every evening until the contest." 

If it doesn't involve cake, red meat, or pasta, we just don't want to have any part of it. 

And the bit about the obviously perfect Arna having to lose weight

Good grief, please. 

Arna Yr Jónsdóttir Photo

The pageant - to be held in Las Vegas - is just four days away, and it appears that Jónsdóttir will not be competing. 

When Jónsdóttir balked at the idea of crash-dieting in the days leading up to the pageant, she received a message from the show's television presenter. 

He said, "[I am] telling you this because [I] like you and want you to do well in this contest."

Her response?


Arna Yr Jonsdottir Miss Iceland Photo

"If the owner of the contest really wants me to lose weight and doesn't like me the way I am, then he doesn't deserve to have me in the Top 10," she spat back.

She continued and said, "Yes, my shoulders are a bit broader than the other girls, but that is because I was a member of the Icelandic national athletics team and I am proud of that."

We are too.

"Of course," she continued, "I don't take these comments to heart, but to do my best [and then hear this]...personally, I think I'm fine as I am.

Oh, girl, we do, too.

Arna Yr Jonsdottir Nike Beauty Photo

She concluded, "I no longer have any interest in doing my best in this competition after receiving that message." 

"This is definitely the last contest I shall be taking part in." 

After the drama subsided, she posted on Instagram, and said that she'd continue her time in Las Vegas, enjoying it and taking in the scene, but not before penning a handwritten letter to the showrunners. 

Arna Yr Jonsdottir Goodbye Letter Photo

The letter classily signed off, "In my country, my body shape is perfect. And that's what I'm gonna remember. No one will ever tell me anything else." 

"I hope that the finals will be amazing," she concluded. "I know the show will be." 

And you will be - and are! - too, girl.  

You keep on doing you, and don't let anybody body-shame you into doing anything else. 

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