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Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson are married.

This time, however, the ceremony was not a secret.

Last week, we reported on Phelps tying the knot with Johnson many months ago, prior to the former even leaving for Brazil and winning even more Gold Medals at the Summer Olympics.

TMZ broke the news that Johnson and Phelps got hitched in Arizona on June 13.

Michael Phelps Wedding Picture

But now they have gone ahead and done so again.

As confirmed by Nicole’s wedding dress designer in a statement, the couple got married this past Saturday in Cabo San Lucas. And we have the photos to prove it!

"Truly the happiest day of my life @m_phelps00 thank you @boonestudios for capturing this day," Nicole wrote as a caption to one of the two images featured here.

It’s worth noting that she is now going by the name Nicole Phelps, as well.

Michael, meanwhile, wrote "My best friend…. I love you!!" as a caption to the main picture he shared with followers from his (second) big day.

Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps Wedding Pic

Johnson was a mainstay in the audience in Rio while Phelps once again excelled in the water.

The camera would often cut to her holding the couple’s baby, a son named Boomer, in her arms as she cheered on the most decorated Olympian in the history of the universe.

During these Olympics in August, Phelps told People Magazine that the couple had a date set for a wedding, but it’s now clear that he was misleading the publication a bit.

Unless he was talking about this follow-up ceremony in Cabo at the time.

“I really can’t wait to get married. It will be a small destination wedding later this year. It’s the next big milestone I’m looking forward to,” Phelps said on August 23.

Phelps proposed Johnson in February of 2015.

In May, they welcomed little Boomer into the world. 

Michael Phelps Wedding Photo

On the day Nicole and Michael got married in Arizona, Johnson shared the above image on Instagram.

"Such a memorable night with my liil fambam. boomer obviously didn’t want to hold still," she penned as a caption.

At the time, of course, no one knew that her "memorable night" was a reference to a wedding ceremony.

But we know now!

And we’re so very happy for this couple!