Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 18 Episode 12 Recap: The Lord Returneth

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Sunday night on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 18 Episode 12, the famous family commemorated MJ's birthday in San Diego.

Also, the episode marked the second coming of the Lord.

Not the actual Messiah, sadly. Just Lord Disick himself.

If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you likely remember Scott's efforts to become His Lordship on their trip to England.

It's been awhile since Disick's alter ego was spotted.

“He was always dressed to the nines, was always really elaborate, over-the-top,” Khloe said, adding that Scott is “forgetting to have fun.”

When she brought out some old “Lord swag” to show him, the regal one said, “I never knew you guys wanted the Lord back so bad!”

Next thing you know on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 18 Episode 12, he's off to London for an aviation show, and a new jet.

Because obviously that was a thing that happened.

Should the Lord have stayed in retirement for good?

Kim worried that perhaps the family was pushing him back to his old persona and lifestyle unwisely, but she had bigger issues at hand.

Like how to style North West’s unruly curly hair.

Malika Haqq, Larsa Pippen - in the news lately due to her divorce from Scottie Pippen - and celebrity stylist Kim Kimble all gave advice.

Eventually, North got two cute French braids.

Bad Lord

Absolutely riveting stuff. Meanwhile, reports of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna breaking up surfaced online, again, causing a frenzy.

After Kim and Scott called Chyna, they got the scoop on why Rob deleted photos from his social media accounts, among other things.

We know Rob had blocked every single one of his sisters and tweeted Kylie Jenner's phone number, so clearly everything is not alright.

No word on Rob threatening Pilot Jones' life, but we imagine that it's just a matter of time before things further even unravel on television.

No wonder Kim is increasingly worried, though ...

The good news is that Chyna came to San Diego to support MJ and the family at her party. The bad news is that Rob did not attend.

Yes, Blac attended a Kardashian function solo.

They confronted him when they got back from San Diego, and Rob admitted he had gone to Vegas instead of his grandmother’s party.

Spoiler alert: That reveal did not go over well.

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe read him the riot act, and he responded that didn’t want to go because he wasn’t comfortable at his current weight.

He would have had to dress up. Deal breaker.

Obviously, there's a lot of tension there and it's not going away anytime soon, regardless of whether Rob and Chyna make this work.

A possibility that, sadly, seems more in more in doubt from everything we've heard about their whirlwind, dysfunctional romance lately.

Blac is worried about what Rob will do to their baby the way things are going right now, which isn't a good sign at 38 weeks pregnant.

Fortunately the Lord - given a new plaque and crest with the moniker Duke Disick - seems to be a little more self-aware this time around.

He realized that the family presenting him with the new title was their way of telling him to dial it down, as he’d gone a little too far again.

Call him a Duke or call him a Lord, the regal one took a hint and promised not to go too crazy anymore, despite his over-the-top tendencies.

We imagine Kourtney and the kids approve.

Whether she and Scott ever get back together in a romantic sense or not, having him a little bit reined in and under control is a positive.

He could have gone totally off the rails, but he's been a good father and friend lately, and is fully welcomed back into the fold by the family. 

Give the man credit where it's due.

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