Tiffany Trump: The Donald's Daughter is Hotter Than His Temper!

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Donald Trump. Those three syllables conjure images of a frothing maniac, struggling to spew out his latest racist rhetoric before his hairline succeeds in taking over his face.

But before Trump was a bafflingly popular politician -- and our new president -- he was many other things: a businessman, a reality star, a celebrated jackass, and, perhaps most importantly, a maker of hot daughters.

Yes, it's time we all put politics aside for a moment to appreciate the hottest Republican offspring since Meghan McCain.

You're probably already familiar with Ivanka Trump, who's following in her father's entrepreneurial footsteps (and looking much, much better while doing so), but little is known about her younger sister, Tiffany Trump.

Tiffany is 23; she's the only child of the Donald and his second wife, Marla Maples, and well...we feel her Instagram page speaks for itself.

So feast your eyes on the pics below and remind yourself that at least if Trump gets elected, Tiffany will be all over the news. 

Although that might be cold comfort when your entire family gets drafted for the beautiful, luxurious war against China.

1. Tiffany Trump Close-Up

Tiffany Trump Close-Up
Tiffany Trump is one of the hottest politicians' daughters of all time. Hard to believe she carries the Donald's genes.

2. Tiffany Trump in Black and White

Tiffany Trump in Black and White
Tiffany gets all artsy for this one. We hate to sound like her dad, but she looks beautiful! Gorgeous!

3. Tiffany Trump Swimsuit Pic

Tiffany Trump Swimsuit Pic
Tiff hanging out poolside. There are perks to being the Donald's daughter. Billions of dollars can make up for lots of questionable parenting.

4. Tiffany and Donald Trump

Tiffany and Donald Trump
There's no denying Tiffany's hotness. But we wish we could deny that she came from the Donald.

5. Tiffany Trump Celebrates America

Tiffany Trump Celebrates America
It looks patriotism runs in Tiffany's blood. And this photo is making our blood rush to new places, if ya know what we mean.

6. Tiffany Trump Eating Pizza

Tiffany Trump Eating Pizza
She may be the daughter of the world's richest blowhard, but Tiffany still knows how to appreciate the simple things. Here she is noshing on some pizza during a study session.

7. Tiffany Trump on Vacation

Tiffany Trump on Vacation
It looks like Tiffany is on vacay in this pic. Or maybe this is her backyard. Like we said, there are perks to being the Donald's daughter.

8. Tiffany Trump: Hot in Winter

Tiffany Trump: Hot in Winter
Tiffany is a hot chick for all seasons. We don't want to see her dad in the White House, but we're happy to see Tiffany anywhere.

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