Mackenzie McKee Welcomes Third Child, Sticks With Unique Name

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Teen Mom 3 may not have developed into the ratings juggernaut that its predecessors turned out to be, but Mackenzie McKee is still fondly remembered by many fans of reality TV and ... teenage pregnancy, we guess.

Anyway, last month, we heard reports of McKee choosing a rather unique name for her third child, and now it seems the former TM3 favorite has stuck to her guns by saddlin' the lil fella with a handle straight out of the Wild West.

Mackenzie and Josh McKee

Mackenzie and her husband, rodeo champion Josh McKee, revealed to Us Weekly today that on August 14, they welcomed their third child, a boy named Broncs Weston.

Now there's a moniker you can hang your ten-gallon hat on.

Mackenzie and Josh are already parents to 2-year-old Jaxie and 4-year-old Gannon, but it seems there were some shakeups in their relationship in the months leading up to the birth of baby Broncs.

In April, Mackenzie told TMZ that she and Josh had separated and she would be raising their children by herself.

It seems the pair has patched things up as McKenzie's recent social media activity indicates that she is still very much a married woman.

It also indicates that she was very, very eager to welcome her newest bundle of joy into the world.

Mackenzie McKee Pregnancy Photo

She recently posted the above photo, with a caption reading:

“Momma is getting impatient. I'm so ready to hold baby boy and so blessed with friends and family, at my 35 week appointment he was measuring over 10 pounds."

Mackenzie, who suffers from type 1 diabetes, also stated that she considers her third child to be a miracle, as there was a time when she believed she would not be able to get pregnant at all:

“Although baby number 3 was a huge risk and my body could never carry another, we made it to the end with lots of fear and prayers," she recently wrote on Instagram.

We offer our sincere congrats to the McKee family. 

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