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Lindsay Lohan decided to go topless on Instagram just two days after Donald Trump said he wanted to bone her (which has nothing to do with Ken Bone; sorry). 

Lohan shared the pic on her social media account, and just hours later, had a brief thought of remorse and removed it. 

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She replaced the pic with a photo of a club performance, where a woman with Kylie’s old turquoise ‘do commanded the stage. 

Lohan captioned the replacement pic, "#LOHAN #GHOSTBUSTERSTYLE #MINTANINE I would love to host one night with @KylieJenner."  

We have zero idea what she’s talking about in this pic – and she might’ve been better off hashtagging it #SuckItTrump.

However, we’re gonna give her a pass on this one, since she apparently doesn’t realize that Kylie’s high, turquoise ponytail is, like, so over. 

Not the fetch-est, girl. 

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The photo was to support the grand opening of the Lohan nightclub (LOL FOREVER) in Greece, helmed by businessman and unconfirmed boyfriend, Dennis Papageorgi. 

So there you have it. 

Lindsay Lohan has a night club named after her – of which she’ll pocket some of the proceeds – but she’s busy helping refugee children out in poverty- and famine-stricken lands. 

Is there nothing our girl LL can’t do? 

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Nah, probably not.

When you have all the time in the world on your hands to do … well, whatever it is that you want … it’s easy to be a Jill-of-all-trades and slap your name on whatever business venture you see fit. 

Most notable about the deleted pic, perhaps, is the fact that she’s still wearing the emerald engagement ring from abusive ex, Egor Tarabasov. 

Though she’s still "allowed" to keep it, she’s either really, really savvy for flaunting the rock, or really, really pathetic for hanging onto the memento.

Does she really want a constant reminder of a relationship in which your partner tried to "murder" you? Just curious.

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If we were you, girl, we’d hock it – you don’t want what happened with Kim K’s robbery to happen to you, do you? 

You’re smarter than that – and though we don’t always understand the workings of your mind, friend, we’re gonna support you as long as you avoid doing dumb s–t.  

Which has to happen sooner or later, right? 

Eh, we’re not holding our breath.