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Ever since Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian announced that they were expecting a little bundle of joy, their relationship has been a nonstop roller coaster ride of sadness and shame.

It’s just that they’re so awful together. They’re such a bad couple. Bless them for wanting to get married and live happily ever after, and congrats on the baby and all.

But man, has there ever been such an ridiculously horrendous match?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna on a Date

It seems that if they’re breathing, they’re fighting: deleted scenes for Rob & Chyna would probably show Chyna whimpering "stop texting bitches" in her sleep.

Things are so bad between them that Rob even agreed to go to therapy — or at least he agreed to go to therapy while cameras were rolling for their reality show.

"I’m obviously more than willing to do whatever it takes for Chyna," he told the camera at the time.

She even acknowledged that agreeing to therapy was a big deal for him, telling him "I mean, I know like how against it you was, a like, opening up to a stranger probably would make you feel uncomfortable."

"But I’m glad that you are, like, willing to do something to, like, save our relationship or make me feel comfortable."

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Have a Chat

See? Even if Chyna doesn’t have that great a grasp on grammar, at least she’s willing to admit when Rob tries.

Maybe there’s hope for these crazy kids after all!

… But then again, maybe not.

Remember when Chyna got a paternity test for the show?

You remember: it was said to be a ploy for ratings, that she knew the only possible person who could’ve impregnated her was Rob, and when the test came back saying that there was a 99.9% chance Rob was the father, she wasn’t at all surprised?

Robby Kardashian

"I know it’s Rob’s child," she told her friends to explain her choice to get the test. "I’ve only been with him since we started dating."

"It’s just to shut down the rumors on the internet saying it might be two other people."

Well, now it looks like one of those two other people isn’t quite satisfied with the results.

Yes, Pilot Jones isn’t done with his reign of terror, not by a long shot.

Pilot Jones Photo

According to a new report from Radar, Pilot is demanding a new DNA test — one that isn’t filmed by E! or influenced at all by the far-reaching claws of Kris Jenner.

It seems that Pilot thinks the paternity test for the show was, well, just for show, and that an actual, honest-to-goodness, Maury-style test could go down differently.

And Pilot could have a point: his name has come up again and again with Chyna’s pregnancy, and just earlier this week we saw a bunch of photos of the two of them looking mighty friendly.

A source even claimed that Pilot and Chyna were still hanging out when she got with Rob, so it sounds like there could be some overlap in relationships there.

Rob, Chyna, Pilot Jones

So what’s the deal here? Did Chyna somehow fudge the original paternity test? Is Pilot Jones concerned or just thirsting for attention?

Only time will tell.

Specifically, three weeks’ time will tell — Chyna’s due on November 16th, so let’s just wait till we see that first precious baby photo to decide if we need to call Maury or not.