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Ever since the world learned that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are dating, fans have been pushing them to get married and make babies with the urgency of a terminally bored grandmother.

Rumors about Gwen and Blake getting married began circulating pretty immediately.

Not surprisingly, Stefani pregnancy rumors followed shortly thereafter.

Blake and Gwen on Stage

We’re not sure why there’s been such a push for Blake to put a baby in Gwen, as she’s 47 and already has three kids, but the fans want it, and supposedly Blake wants it too.

Of course, he hasn’t really said much on the topic.

The 4 million Gwake stans who have changed their profile pics to photos of the couple and live-tweet The Voice like its a presidential debate seem pretty convinced that Gwen’s vagina shall deliver unto us a chosen one to lead us from the darkness.

Thus, the Gwake-child talk continues … but with a twist:

Blake and Gwen Instagram Pic 2

"They will absolutely pursue adoption,” a source close to the couple tells Life & Style.

“It might be a baby, or it might be a toddler. But no matter what, they want a little girl in their arms by the end of 2017."

Psssht … adopting babies and toddlers is so passe.

We say adopt a 23-year-old grad student and pay off his student loans.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Perform at iHeartRadio in Burbank
(Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

That’s the future, y’all!

And it would be a perfect arrangement for Gwen and Blake.

They can both remain devoted to their careers, and Blake can take the kid out to pound some Bud Heavies on the weekend, but they’ll still get all the satisfaction of attending his graduation and being like:

"We did that! Us! As a couple!"

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani: 2016 Pre-GRAMMY Gala
(Larry Busacca)

Anyway, if there’s any truth to these rumors, then you can take them as a pretty sure indication that Gwen and Blake are planning to get hitched in the very near future.

After all, why would they pick an arbitrary date like "the end of 2017" unless they were planning to be man and wife by then?

On a related note:

Blake and Gwen’s one-year anniversary is right around the corner, and it’s been rumored that Shelton’s planning to mark the occasion by popping the question.

So you may want to just go ahead mail them some copper cookware now, Gwake stans.

If your gift comes before anyone else’s, we bet they’ll totes want to be your friend.