Khloe Kardashian Breaks Down Over Trump Piglet Comments!

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Khloe Kardashian is pretty upset about Donald Trump's comments ... so much so, that she called the attack "cruel."  

Khloe said, "For Trump, or any human being to judge someone off looks alone, I think that's really immature and cruel."

"How am I dragged into everything?" she asked.

Khloe Kardashian Stares at Lamar
Donald Trump, Fist Raised

Previously, it was revealed that Trump went on the offensive, slamming Khloe's looks and comparing her to an ugly "piglet."

During season eight of Celebrity Apprentice, the current Republican presidential nominee - who has been accused by no less than 12 women of harassment - was said to brainstorm ways to get Kardashian off the show.

Trump called Khloe fat and wondered why he couldn't "have" a better Kardashian on board. 

Trump, however, is not to be deterred by the blowback he's receiving from celebrities and pundits alike. 

Tiffany Trump Snubs Donald

Khloe also told the LA Times that she didn't like Trump, anyway. 

"I'm very good on energy," she said, "and I just never really vibed with him from the start." 

"I didn't think he was saying those things about me." 

"But he says those comments about a lot of women - really derogatory things," Khloe continued. 

"Someone who is that simplistic to judge things off of surface is not someone I want running my country." 

She concluded, "It's not cool or appropriate for any person, male or female, to judge someone else by their looks." 

"I find it really cruel," she added. "It's wild." 

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In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, Trump's wife, Melania claimed she still firmly supports her man, though he's alleged to have cheated on her. 

Melania said, "I heard many different stuff." 

"Boys talk," she explained, going on to blame Billy Bush for provoking her grown-ass man of a husband to say "bad" and "dirty" things. 

"The boys, the way they talk when they grow up and the want to sometimes show each other, 'Oh, this and that,' and talking about the girls," she said, as if what's going on with her husband is third-grade stuff. 

"But yes," she continued, "I was surprised [by the tape], of course." 

Melania Trump Close Up

Melania claims that she forgives her husband, and the couple has moved past the scandal. 

Is this lady some kind of idiot? 

We know her husband is, and we know that Khloe mostly is, but come on ... there has to be a time when somebody stands up and says "enough is enough." 

And in this instance, Nicki Minaj, believe it or not, was the one to weigh in on the ridiculous interview. 

Melania Trump Image

About Melania, Minaj said, "Barak needed a MIchelle, bitch, and Bill needed a motherf-cking Hillary, bitch." 

"You better pray to God you don't get stuck with a motherf--king Melania." 

"You n---as want brainless bitches? To stroke your motherf--king egos?" 

That, uh, about sums it up. 

And we're pretty sure if Khloe could have said the same thing during today's interview with Extra, she would have. 

But, you know, network television and all. 

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