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Kanye West can be a massive douchebag, and that’s a fact, but sometimes he can be super sweet. And for Kim Kardashian’s 36th birthday, he was hella sweet.

Kim understandably wanted to take it easy on her special day, what with the trauma she’s dealing with after being robbed at gunpoint in Paris less than three weeks ago, and it looks like Kanye obliged.

There were no big Vegas nightclub appearances, no big parties the family Instagrammed the hell out of.

Just this incredibly lovely little video that Kanye put together from a bunch of old Kardashian family home movies.

Kanye's Birthday Present to Kim Kardashian

Kanye did good, y’all.

The footage is mostly filmed by Robert Kardashian, Kim’s beloved late father — if you’ll remember, dads were all over documenting everything with those big, bulky camcorders in the 90s.

There are scenes of Kim playing with her siblings, scenes of Kim running a pretend restaurant for Robert and Kris Jenner, and scenes of Kim getting a puppy for Christmas.

In one bit, Robert tells Kim to “follow your honest beliefs and be strong,” and in another Kim’s grandmother gives a touching speech about how she’s grateful to have such a wonderful family, and “I hope that when I’m dead and gone, you’ll all be wonderful together.”

Kardashian Women

Kim is a little girl in some parts, an older teenager in others — there’s even one clip from when Kris gave birth to either Kendall or Kylie — and the video finishes with Kim filming her father as he tells her “I love you.”

And then Kanye adds his own “I love you” at the end.

Is someone cutting onions or hay or cats in here? We’re suddenly tearing up for some reason.

Kanye, of course, wasn’t the only one in the family to send Kim birthday wishes via social media.

On Instagram, Kourtney shared an old photo of Kim and wrote “Happy happy birthday sister! I feel beyond blessed to walk through my whole life with you by side, besides those first lonely 18 months. I love you beyond words.”

Khloe said “Happy birthday my Keeks! You’re truly one of the most amazing people I know! I’ve never known someone as special as you! I’m truly proud to be your sister and best friend! I love you Keeps, forever and a lifetime to come.”

Rob even managed to acknowledge Kim’s birthday, writing “I love you so much and you are so Blessed with 2 beautiful and healthy babies and got the best husband ever! Love seeing you Happy and hope you are having a great bday! I love you.”

Kendall went for the subtle route and shared a photo of Kim with a couple of heart emojis, and Kylie simply said “Happy Birthday Kimberly, I love you sister.”

But you know Kris Jenner went for it, as only moms can do.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Kris Jenner: Balmain Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Show

In her first post, she wrote “I love and adore you … you have brought so much joy into all of our lives and you are the most wonderful daughter, wife, sister, friend and mom.”

“I thank God every day he blessed me with you and I cherish every single moment and memory. My heart is full of gratitude and I love you more than you will ever imagine or know.”

In her second, Kris posted an old video of her own, and told Kim “you are a slice of heaven, then and today, I cherish every day with you and I love and adore you!”

The Kardashian-Jenner family has always been a close one, and thank goodness for that. It looks like Kim has a lot of love and support, for her birthday and for all days.

We’re not crying. You’re crying.