Kris Jenner on Kim Kardashian Robbery: Don't Be Ungrateful!

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Kris Jenner's ideas on the robbery of daughter Kim Kardashian are a little out there -- even for a Jenner/Kardashian -- but what else would you expect from the momager who allowed her daughter to be used as a urinal cake when she was just 23 years old?

Jenner shared a goopy, cliché Instagram post, which was pretty cringeworthy. 

Kris Jenner black lace dress

Truth be told, we're a little disgusted by her lack of sincerity -- as well as by breaking her silence via an Instagram photo that she apparently dug out from a generic inspirational quotes account. 

Jenner said, "Every morning is a reminder of how blessed we are."  

"Today I am grateful for my family, who I love more than words can explain," she continued.

"Count your blessings, be grateful always, and cherish every moment you spend with your loved ones," Jenner concluded. 

Yes, count blessings (and the rest of your money) to show that you're totally thankful for stepping on the necks of others in order to even be considered a target for a large-scale robbery, like that done to Kim K.

Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Kylie Jenner

As previously reported, Kanye West purportedly blamed Kris Jenner for the lack of security around the time that his reality-TV wife was robbed in Paris. 

Kanye was said to "flip out" on Jenner because she advised him that Kim would be safe, and that she'd be guarded like Fort Knox.

However, by many accounts, Kim was alone the time of the robbery.  

That makes things extra disturbing that Kris would seem to entirely skirt any responsibility, and instead, take the singular route of concerned, Instagram-present mom.  

Kris Jenner and Kanye West Family Photo

Kris isn't the only one seemingly lying low after the middle Kardashian sister was held at gunpoint. ET Online previously reported that Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner cancelled upcoming book signings. 

The delay was said to be due to "safety reasons."  

The only family member who has maintained a normal presence in the public eye has been the youngest Jenner: Kylie, who hasn't quit with the onslaught of barely-there clothing selfies (of course). 

Kylie Jenner's Bountiful Backside

We won't hold our breath that the family will stop milking Kim's horrifying ordeal anytime soon, but we're hoping Kris Jenner uses her calculating brain a little bit more before she fires off anymore generic quips about being "thankful" for her family. 

And, of course, their safety -- which is nothing to joke about. 

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