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Back in September of 2015, Jim Carrey’s former girlfriend Cahtriona White committed suicide.

Now, Carrey finds himself at the center of a legal battle involving White’s death that could have severe and lasting consequences for the beloved comedian.

White’s mother, Brigid Sweetman, and her widower, Mark Burton (the couple was estranged during White’s relationship with Carrey), have both filed wrongful death suits against Carrey.

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Burton had previously claimed that Carrey provided White with the drugs that she took in order to intentionally overdose.

And indeed, there is evidence to suggest that the pills White used to take her own life were prescribed to Carrey under a pseudonym often used by the actor.

Shortly thereafter, Burton doubled down on his claims, insisting that White made the decision to commit suicide after learning that Carrey had given her three STDs.

Last month, Burton filed the first wrongful death suit against Carrey.

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Perhaps motivated by his example, Sweetman has now filed her own suit against Carrey.

Like Burton, Sweetman believes that Carrey broke up with White shortly after she found out she had contracted Chlamydia and two types of herpes.

The plaintiffs believe White confronted Carrey and he ended their relationship after accusing her of contracting the diseases while cheating on him.

In her suit, Sweetman quotes Carrey as saying, "You have become too much drama" to White when he dumped her.

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White’s mother takes things a step further than Burton, accusing Carrey of intimidating the 28-year-old into keeping silent after their breakup.

Sweetman says Carrey’s use of "fixers" to threaten her daughter helped contribute to the stress that led to White’s suicide.

She adds that Carrey shamed her and called her a "whore" upon learning that she had been diagnosed with multiple STDs.

Just weeks after that confrontation, White overdosed on Ambien, Propranolol and Percocet, all three of which she is believed to have obtained from Carrey.

Burton adds that Carrey promised to help take care of White’s family financially, but never followed through.

TMZ and several other media outlets have attempted to reach Carrey for a comment, but the actor is not speaking to the press at this time.