Jim Carrey Accused of Giving Cathriona White STDs By Husband; Star Denies Allegations

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Jim Carrey's late former girlfriend, Cathriona White, took her own life last year, a sad and tragic turn of events by any definition.

The actor has faced numerous allegations regarding it, however.

Recently, Carrey was accused of supplying White with fatal drugs, and now, her estranged husband has made an even more outrageous claim:

Holding Cathriona White's Casket

Cathriona was suicidal because she had STDs she believed that she contracted from Carrey, according to a lawsuit filed by her spouse. 

Mark Burton amended his wrongful death suit against Carrey - which Jim adamantly refutes - to include the startling new claim against him.

Burton says Jim and Cathriona had a text conversation in February 2013 wherein she told him she thought she had contracted an STD.

White's ex claims that she got tested and discovered she had Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea, which Jim tried to keep quiet.

She did as he said, Burton says, and kept it on the DL. However ...

Cathriona White Image

Burton says before Cathriona committed suicide, she wrote Jim, saying STDs would make it impossible for her to find someone new.

She allegedly referred to herself as "damaged goods."

His lawsuit includes alleged texts about the diseases, though Carrey's reps say Burton is just shamelessly trying to profit off White's death.

His lawyer, Marty Singer tells TMZ that the wrongful death lawsuit a desperate, bogus charade made by a "husband" in a sham marriage.

Singer slams Burton's green card marriage to her, in as many words, and claims that "numerous" witnesses will back him up on that.

Cathriona White

Burton, he says, "engaged in an illegal sham marriage in violation of Federal law prohibiting marriage fraud to evade immigration laws."

He claims Burton and White didn't even live in the same state after their wedding, which would further render the nuptials suspect at best.

Carrey's attorney additionally notes that the STD claim of 2013 makes no sense, as Cathriona begged Jim to keep dating her in 2014.

Bottom line: Carrey feels he's being exploited.

As such, he has no plans to settle with Burton for any sum of money and will fight what he considers a "shakedown lawsuit" tooth and nail. 

Stay tuned.

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