Jessica Drake: Donald Trump Accuser Opened Sex Shop Day Before Allegations

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Last week, adult film star Jessica Drake accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, thus becoming the eleventh woman to level allegations of impropriety against the presidential candidate in the past two weeks.

Trump has called the women liars, accused them of using his notoriety to gain fame for themselves, and promised that he'll sue them once his campaign is over.

There's no reason to believe that any of the women are being dishonest, but a new revelation about Drake will almost certainly be used by the Trump campaign as evidence that she's not to be trusted.

Jessica Drake Picture

According to the New York Post, Drake launched an "online sex shop" less than 24 hours before she went public with her accusations about Trump.

Obviously, that doesn't necessarily mean that she's using the scandal to give her career a boost, but it won't exactly do wonders for her credibility.

The site, which sells everything from porn to sex toys, is likely to be mentioned by Trump surrogates as they make the media rounds today in their ongoing, unenviable efforts to convince Americans that a guy who tweets about sex tapes at 3 am is fit to be president.

You can also expect them to mention the fact that Drake's accusations have already had a demonstrably positive effect on her career.

Donald Trump in Pennsylvania

The popular adult website PornHub reported today that Drake's popularity has shown a marked increase in the days since she hosted a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred.

The site claims that Drake went from number 634 in their rankings to number 89.

The surge reportedly began immediately after Drake accused Trump forcibly kissing her and offering  her $10,000 for sex.

Donald Trump at the Third Debate

Of course, even if Drake decided that going public with her allegations would help her career, that still doesn't mean that she's lying.

And it certainly doesn't mean that the ten other women who say they were groped and harassed by Trump are lying.

In terms of Trump's political prospects, the new information about Drake is unlikely to have much of an impact.

As it stands, Trump is lagging behind Hillary Clinton by double-digit margins in some polls.

Donald Trump on the Stump

Among women and minorities the real estate is receiving historically low numbers.

Traditionally red states like Arizona and Texas - yes, Texas - are now considered to be up for grabs.

The Trump campaign would need a miracle to avoid a humiliating drubbing on November 8.

Instead, just 15 days before the nation heads to the polls, press coverage of Trump is largely centered around the shocking allegations of the nearly dozen women who say he forced himself on them.

That's a bad look, hombre.

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