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Jenelle Evans is a hot damn mess.

This is one of the most basic truths in this world.

PB & Jenelley

The earth is round, Donald Trump is a jackass, and Jenelle Evans can’t get her life together for anything. These are things that we just know, you know?

But while it’s absolutely undeniable that Jenelle is awful, she’s never had trouble wrangling in dudes. Sure, those dudes are as terrible as she is, if not worse, but still, Jenelle always gets hers.

And, according to this little statement Jenelle just made on Twitter, she might be getting hers … permanently.

A follower of hers inquired about her relationship with boyfriend David Eason, asking her “Are we talking marriage yet?! It’s time.” And that seems like kind of a rude, pointed thing for a presumable stranger to say, but still, Jenelle responded.

Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend David Eason

“We aren’t rushing anything and letting things fall into place when they should,” Jenelle responded.

There’s so much packed into this little statement, so let’s get to work, friends.

It sounds like Jenelle believes she and David will get married eventually, but, for once in her life, she’s comfortable with just dating a guy without immediately seeking out some kind of lifelong commitment.

Good for her, right? That’s quite a bit of personal growth.

… But wait. Jenelle is pregnant with David’s child. She’s due in January, and she and David celebrated their first anniversary as a couple last month, so that means that Jenelle got pregnant after about seven months of dating.

Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Confirmation

So much for not “rushing anything,” huh?

Maybe she thinks a marriage is a huge commitment, but a baby is just whatever. Or maybe, as she said recently, she wishes she wasn’t pregnant but there’s not a whole lot she can do about it now.

Another possibility is that she’s fine with having babies, but she learned her lesson about rushing into marriage after the absolute disaster that was Courtland Rogers.

Remember Courtland? Jenelle married him in December of 2012 after dating him for three months, but six weeks later, she filed some assault charges against him, and their relationship was pretty much done.

They got back together a few times after that — long enough for Jenelle to get arrested for assaulting him this time, and also for heroin possession — but the magic was gone.

Thanks to North Carolina laws, Jenelle and Courtland had to wait a year for the divorce to be finalized, and so in June of 2014, she was finally legally single. It was great timing: Jenelle was in a relationship with Nathan Griffith at the time, and she gave birth to his son, Kaiser, a couple of weeks later.

So it makes sense that Jenelle wouldn’t want to get married again anytime soon, right?

If only she was as cautious about having babies.