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You don’t troll Alex Trebek and get away with it.

A contestant named Buzzy Cohen found this out the hard way back in May of this year.

But if/when Alex Trebek trolls YOU? 

Well, you suck it up and take it and accept that you’re about to be on the wrong end of a hilarious viral video.

Alex Trebek Image

Susan Cole just found this out the embarrassing way.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Jeopardy, Trebek asked Cole what the “nerdcore” was about, as this was a piece of biographical information she had mentioned to producers.

He prefaced his question by saying the concept “doesn’t sound like fun.” C

But Cole tried to explain one of her hobbies so that Trebek and viewers at home would have more respect for it.

It’s safe to say she failed, however.

"It’s people who identify as nerdy, rapping about the things they love," Cole explained. "Video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. It’s really catchy and fun."

How did Trebek respond to this description?


HA! How amazing is that?

We feel a little bad for Cole, of course. Just look at the expression on her face when Trebek comes right out and calls her a "loser."

But she’s merely the latest in a long line of contestants to feel the icy cold wrath of an Alex Trebek burn.

We can’t think of any this overt, but come on. Who can be mad at Alex Trebek?

Remember when he rapped The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song?

Alex Trebek Raps Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song

Or when he ran down a hotel hallway naked and tore his Achilles while apprehending a criminal?

Trebek is a global treasure.

Hopefully Cole just considers herself lucky for even sharing the same stage as Trebek.

Oh, and she also won $20,600 on the episode.

So she ended the evening as a winner, even if she’ll always be a loser in the game show host’s book. That’s not too shabby.