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Gwyneth Paltrow is featured in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

A LOT of Gwyneth Paltrow, we should say.

The actress strips nearly all the way down (inside of a supermarket, randomly) for the publication, showing off a very impressive physique for someone her age and talking at length about many personal issues.

Considering this is the "Daring Issue," Paltrow talks about what it means for someone who is 44 years old to be… well… daring.

"My daughter [Apple, 12] is super ballsy. I always follow her lead," Paltrow explains.

"I actually don’t need to encourage her to take risks. She likes to push herself; she wants to see how far she can get. It’s really inspiring to see that in a young woman."

Back when she was around 27, Paltrow won an Oscar and got a big head.

She says her father then labeled her an "asshole," to which she took exception.

But in which she now takes pride.

"If you haven’t taken all of life’s incredible knocks and disappointments and used them to become a fully integrated, self-expressing person by the time you’re 40, then what can I tell you?" she says.

Is that not the most Gwyneth Paltrow quote ever?

Aside from the whole conscious uncoupling thing, that is?

The Goop founder goes on to say she has sought to instill this same no-nonsense attitude into her kids, Apple, 12 and Moses, 10.

(Sorry, but we’ll never ever get over the name Apple. Poor kid)

"In my case, I’ve borne these two kids into a particularly strange circumstance," the actress says.

"They are going to have to fend off a lot and protect themselves from a lot of projections and prejudice about who they are, coming from the family that they come from."

She doesn’t want us to feel sorry for children coming from a whole lot of privilege, does she?

Sure, they may face some obstacles as a result.

But does Paltrow really not see how ridiculous that comment is, considering the circumstances under which other children grow up?

Enough about Paltrow, though. She sucks.

What about Beyonce?!?

In one of the oddest friendships we can think of, these two are extremely close.

Paltrow says the singer is "shy" in real life, adding:

"If you met her and you didn’t know who she was or what she did, it would be inconceivable to you that she was Beyonce.

"Some really famous people, even when they’re off-duty, have this energy that is sort of overpowering. She does not have that."

Concludes the controversial star:

"[Beyonce] is so dialed down. She’s the sweetest mother.

"You would not believe she is Beyonce Knowles. You would be like, ‘No, that was not her.’ And that’s why when I see her perform, I’m like, ‘Oh, sh-t, I forgot.’"