Girl Posts Pic With Semen on Face as Revenge, Cheating Payback Against Boyfriend

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A girl in Tennessee has really raised the revenge porn bar with a graphic photo of herself with semen on her face as a means of taunting.

Taunting the boyfriend she just cheated on, that is, as payback for him cheating on her. Yes, this a real story in the real world we live in.

Don Draper Booting

To call the photo in question “not safe for work” feels like a miscategorization of every previous photo described as "not safe for work."

This is not safe for humanity, or basic decency.

If we didn't feel like you, the reader, couldn't believe this story was real without the visual, we would have happily left this to the imagination.

It's just that bad, though. You need to see it, if only so that you can later say that you saw it, and that you've officially seen everything.

When it comes to gritty revenge porn, that is.

NSFW Does Not Do This Justice

If you clicked on that, we are truly sorry.

That picture really is worth 1,000 words, right? Or maybe 10,000. There is no shame, no modesty, no holds barred what so f--king ever.

There is only semen. A lot of it in fact.

Honestly, it's difficult to imagine one's load containing that kind of volume and covering a surface area that large without extreme precision.

How in the heck do you even ... forget it.

A Lot of Semen

It's also difficult to comprehend why, assuming this is real (but even if it isn't and she's pretending it is), she would post it to her Facebook.

But, that's exactly what happened!

Assuming she wanted this story to not only be public domain for the people she knows, but to go viral and make her a global porn star? 

Job well done in that case. Mission accomplished.

Lohan Booting

Her mission was clear - not just in having one or more people (it's a lot) ejaculate on her, but making sure someone knew why she did it.

The photo was uploaded in Lexington, Tennessee, with the caption, succinctly explaining matters: "Morning’ [sic] Tim, I can cheat Too."

Ouch, Tim. Ouch. That's gotta hurt, bruh.

One can't help but wonder what the hell Tim did, or who he did to be specific, to deserve this savage level of payback, but holy f--k.

That's gotta be ... quite something to see this.

Schmidt Puking

Of course, we imagine the pain she feels later in life will far exceed whatever he did to her, but these things are only realized over time.

With perspective, she may one day wish she didn't take her quest for extreme public shaming of her ex to permanent, NC-17 levels.

The main takeaways from this, kids:

Christine Taylor Puking

- Don't cheat on your girl, because you're going to get caught, and she might just call you out in bizarre public fashion, making it worse.

- If your boyfriend cheats on you, his loss. Don't retaliate by turning yourself into a human condom and bragging about it. Think big picture.

- As you read this at home, try not to throw up on your computer or mobile device. Just aim away from electronics and fellow humans.

This has been your PSA from THG.

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