Amber Tamblyn: Pregnant with First Child!

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Amber Tamblyn is going to be a first-time mother.

But she did not make this announcement via any kind of adorable Instagram photo.

Instead, the actress wrote a lengthy, profound, moving essay for Glamour.

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross Pic

Tamblyn, if you'll recall, responded to that awful Donald Trump and Billy Bush video with the reveal that she was once sexually assaulted.

After detailing an incident in which a man really did grab her by the pussy, Tamlyn wrote the following:

"I had a hard time wearing jeans [afterward]. I couldn’t sleep without a pillow between my legs to create space. To this day I remember that moment. I remember the shame.

"I am afraid my mom will read this post. I'm even more afraid that my father could ever know this story."

Powerful stuff.

In this latest essay, Tamblyn talks about how her mother shared a similar story of sexual assault with her ... and how Tamblyn’s grandmother’s resulting response of “boys will be boys” causes her to fear for the future.

Which now includes her own child.

“Motherhood has been heavily on my mind because I am going to be a mother soon,” writes Tamblyn. “I’m pregnant, with a daughter on the way.

"I think constantly about the world I am bringing her into. Will I get a phone call from my daughter someday, one she never wanted to make? Will I have to share with her my story, and the story of her great-grandmother’s words to her grandmother?"

The veteran actress then shifts her focus in this piece to the current political climate and how it's been affecting her thoughts about bringing a girl into the world.

“Is it possible to protect her from inheriting this pain?

"How much do I have to do, as a daughter and a soon-to-be mother, to change not just the conversation about how women are seen, but the language with which conversations are spoken in?"

Tamblyn and Cross dated for five years prior to getting married in 2012.

This will be the first child for both.

“I’ve been thinking about motherhood a lot lately," continued Tamblyn

"What it means to be one, what it means to have one, what it means to know one, what it means to make decisions as one and have conversations as one.

"I am very lucky to be surrounded by strong mothers, from my own mom to some of my best friends - those who are raising young women to accept themselves and those who are raising young men to accept women.”

Tamblyn concluded by honing in on likely President Hillary Clinton and how society expects her to be perfect.

"After I’m done writing this, I’ll go back to my desk and fill out my absentee ballot. I’ll be voting for more than just a woman; I’ll be voting for a revolutionary idea.

I’ll be voting for a future for my daughter where conversations about our bodies and our lives are broader than what value they have for men.

"A future where being a mother is less about warning our daughters about our sons and is instead lifting them up to their greatest potential. A future where my girl will someday say, ‘Donald who?’ and think nothing is revolutionary about a woman becoming President.

"A future where she can’t even believe that was ever even a thing."

That's a lot to process, huh?

But, hey, congrats to Tamblyn and Cross!

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