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Deion Pierre had a Saturday to remember on October 15.

First, as a linebacker for the Samford University Bulldogs, he intercepted a pass and played an integral role in his team’s 55-21 blowout victory over VMI.

Then… he asked his girlfriend to marry him!

College Team Helps Linebacker Propose to Girlfriend

As you can see in the video above, however, this was not your ordinary proposal.

First, it involved the entire Samford University football team. They each played a critical role in the question-popping.

And that role centered on dancing while carrying flowers.

Second, the proposal was set to Ed Sheeran’s hit ballad, "Thinking Out Loud."

Which is really what makes this video.

It’s hard for football players to maintain the stereotype of being all tough and imposing when they are slowly and hilariously dancing to Ed Sheeran… while also belting out the lyrics to his beloved single.

Samford Player

Heck, if Jasmine Henderson hadn’t said yes in the footage above, we definitely would have!

The players aren’t reluctant participants in this terrific video, either. Just look at the expression on the face of that guy above!

And this guy below!

Samford Student

They are totally into this proposal, from Sheeran to the dance moves to the romantic nature of Pierre’s gesture.

And afer Henderson says yes? The entire team chants "SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES!"

It’s awesome.

Samford Proposal
(Samford University)

We’d consider this a far more successful proposal than the one where the guy got his girlfriend a new puppy and she seemed more excited about the puppy than the proposal.

That was was rough…

Girlfriend Accepts Proposal, Goes Truly Crazy Over New Puppy

But, hey, she said yes there, too!

So everyone is a winner!