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The Kardashian klan are slowly moving on from the recent controversy to plague their name. 

As you probably already know, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris earlier this month. 

There have been conflicting reports about what really went down during the horrific ordeal. 

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With Kim steering clear of the public eye, Keeping Up with the Kardashians resumed production a few days ago, but the only member of the family to be seen filming was Kendall Jenner. 

With the show out of production, there were questions about whether the show would even return to the air, but things appear to be moving on. 

Kim was sighted in Los Angeles just a few days ago, but she was wearing dark clothes and trying her best to avoid the paparazzi. 

It genuinely feels like Kim might leave the show that made her famous. 

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With the robbery behind her, it’s becoming apparent that Kim won’t fully be able to move on until the thieves are caught

"She is very calm and very determined over a matter that was particularly violent," the 35-year-old reality star’s Paris barrister, Jean Veil, says.

"If she is summoned to France, she will come to France, but judges also have the possibility of moving [to the United States]."

This shows just how committed the reality TV star is to getting justice for what went down. 

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The five men involved in the terrifying attack face charges of "armed robbery by an organized gang, criminal conspiracy and kidnapping," Veil adds.

One of the odd things about the robbery was just how long it lasted. 

There was previously word that the ordeal was over in an instant, but now we’re hearing that it was closer to 49 minutes in length. 

"They acted like they had all the time in the world," the police insider explains, adding that the police used a traffic camera to work out the timing of the incident.

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"It is quite incredible that they managed to hang about for so long without anyone calling us."

One other odd thing about the whole situation is that the men let themselves in "without any problem at all."

It sure seems like the details surrounding the whole thing are getting crazier by the day.

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