Donald Trump: Sex Brings Me and Ivanka Together!

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We're pretty much all in agreement that Donald Trump is a big, stupid pig, right? 

Considering many of his insults have revolved around him calling some woman a pig - or in Khloe Kardashian's case, a piglet - it's pretty rich that he's such a wine himself. 

In a 2013 interview with Wendy Williams, Trump was asked what he had in common with his racist daughter, Ivanka, and what he had to say ... well, it was a little more than just your garden-variety disturbing. 

During a game segment of Fave Five, Williams asked the more mature Trump - in this case, we mean "mature" as in "old" - what he and his daughter most had in common. 

Ivanka's answers were "real estate" and "golf." 

Trump's answer?


Let's hold hands and repeat that: sex

Donald Trump GIF

He responded, "Well, I was going to say 'sex,' but I can't relate that to her."  

Which is ... well, it's just all sorts of 'no.' 

Donald Trump is a pig, has always been a pig, and will forever be a pig. 

The last thing we need in the White House is a purebred swine with a really terrible comb-over, don't you agree?

Donald Trump at the Third Debate

Previously, Donald told Howard Stern that his daughter, Ivanka, had "the best body," and that she was one of the "great beauties of the world." 

The second part is nice - it's a dad doting on his daughter, but the second part? 

GTFOH with this weird, incesty stuff, Trump. 


He also called her a "piece of ass," and as if that weren't degrading to women as it were, it'd be extra degrading to his daughter, if she weren't such a swine herself. 

About that "piece of ass," Trump told Howard Stern that he had his full permission to call his daughter a "piece of ass," adding that she was "voluptuous." 

Ivanka Trump Unfiltered

What might be worse, however, is that Ivanka herself claimed that she's totally okay with her father sexually objectifying her. 

When the news surfaced that he'd allowed Stern to call his daughter a "piece of ass," Ivanka favorited a tweet blasted out by The Huffington Post which read, "It's OK to call daughter Ivanka a piece of ass." 

There's so much class in this family that there's no wonder over the abundance of ass talk. 

It's just eking out all over the place these days, isn't it? 

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