Donald Trump Bashes Hillary Clinton for Attending Adele Concert

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Throughout his run for President, Donald Trump has said some pretty zany things.

And by zany, of course, we mean misogynistic, racist and deceitful.

So, in the grand scheme of his campaign, what Trump said about Hillary Clinton in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday night should barely even register.

But it's worth noting nonetheless because it depicts the self-centered, illogical, whining nature of Trump's view on this election... and life in general.

Donald Trump: I Rule!

Trump took a break from the campaign trail yesterday to hold a press conference in promotion of his new hotel in Washington D.C.

Stephanopoulos, among others, took Trump to task for putting his business interests ahead of national interests, as he chose to personally open a new building instead of personally take his case to the American people for why he ought to be elected President.

Trump, of course, bristled at this criticism.

He initially said that opening the hotel was actually a political gesture, not a business one, because it proved he can complete a project on time and under budget.

You can go ahead and decide for yourself if this makes you want to vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton.

But then Trump complained about the negative attention his press conference received, especially in light of what Clinton herself did on Tuesday night:

She attended an Adele concert!

Hillary Clinton: Awkward Thumbs-Up!

“I think it’s so unfair because Hillary Clinton goes to see an Adele concert last night and everybody says, “Oh, wasn’t that nice? Wasn’t that wonderful?’” Trump said to Stephanopoulos.

It's probably worth noting that the Adele concert took place in Miami.

And that Miami is a city in Florida.

And that Florida is a key battleground state and that Clinton had spent the day campaigning there.

But Trump was probably unaware of these facts. He was probably trying to think of which mourning wife he can try to sleep with next.

Trump quote

"She has no energy. She's got nothing going," Trump added to Stephanopoulos."

"She does one stop. And nobody complains about that. Nobody complains when she goes to an Adele concert all night long, while I’m making two speeches at rallies with, you know, massive crowds."

One could wonder how Trump could argue in one breath that Clinton has "no energy" and in the next breath that she attended an Adele concert "all night long," but one would then go legitimately insane trying to make sense of anything Donald Trump says.

Of course, we all know the real issue here.

At one point in her concert, Adele expressed support for Clinton.

Back in February, conversely, a spokesperson for the singer demanded that Trump stop playing “Rolling in the Deep” as he took the stage for various rallies, such as he did one time in Waterloo, Iowa.

This spokesperson said Trump did not have permission from the singer to do so.

Adele in Black/White

So Trump is clearly just jealous of where Adele's loyalties lie.

He should really Adele’s advice, and let this go. Come on, Donald. You both know you ain’t kids no more.

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